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War Merits Conferment Ceremony 「戦功叙勲式 Senkō Jokun-shiki」 is the 23rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The best of the Magic Knights are gathering for a ceremony celebrating their achievements. However, does their achievements and honors translate to their attitude towards people inferior to them?


The ceremony begins as Julius Novachrono starts calling out the names of the medal recipients. He starts with Leopold Vermillion from the Crimson Lion squad, who is promoted to a 2nd class Intermediate Magic Knight after collecting 7 stars. Subsequently, Julius honors Sol Marron from the Blue Rose squad for her 6 stars and promotes her to a 3rd class Intermediate Magic Knights. The nobles of House Silva and Silver Eagle squad, Nebra Silva and Solid Silva, are promoted to a 5th class Senior Magic Knight and 3rd class Intermediate Magic Knight for their 9 stars and 6 stars respectively. Lastly, the Golden Dawn members of Alecdora Sandler, Siren Tium, and Hamon Caseus are promoted to 4th class Senior Magic Knight, 1st class Intermediate Magic Knight, and 2nd class Intermediate Magic Knight respectively.[1]

After the ceremony, Julius holds a banquet to celebrate the Magic Knights' achievements but leaves the venue almost immediately for another matter. During Julius' absence, Klaus Lunettes strongly senses the stares from the others and compliments Asta's composure over the scrutiny. However, the latter's composure begins to deteriorate as the honorary Magic Knights start throwing insults to Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa Vermillion.[2]

Asta finally loses his calm after Noelle Silva's own siblings are heartily humiliating their sister with the oldest, Nozel Silva, even going as far as to banish her from the venue. Seeing it happen in front of his eyes, Asta quickly grabs Noelle's arm as he tries to prevent her from leaving. He then climbs on top of one of the tables and makes his declaration to surpass all of them.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


  • Nebra Silva and Alecdora Sandler were supposed to be promoted into a 3rd class and 2nd class Senior Magic Knight respectively, but it was revised in the volume release.[4]


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