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The Beginning of Hope and Despair 「希望と絶望の幕開け Kibō to Zetsubō no Makuake」 is the 229th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the mobile fortress, Candelo, makes its way across a Grand Magic Zone, the Spade Kingdom soldiers force weaker citizens into a room that drains their mana in order to power the fortress. One soldier comments on how quickly the citizens run out of mana, but the officer states that they will only need half of them to pass through the Grand Magic Zone. He adds that mana dwells in lifeforce and that they should drain all of the magic out of them, even the children.[1]

From a nearby body of water, Undine is spying on the fortress and sends that information to Lolopechka. Over the past six months, the Spade Kingdom has nearly taken over the Diamond Kingdom and is advancing towards the Clover and Heart Kingdoms. Lolopechka informs Asta about the mistreatment of the weaker citizens, so he flies off by himself. Gadjah is amazed at Asta's improvements despite their training methods being for those with magic. Lolopechka adds that Asta's hard work, willpower, and strength were the most surprising.[2]

Inside Candelo, soldiers are forcing another group of citizens into the magic-draining room. A woman begs for her sister to be sparred since she has so little mana. A soldier threatens her for daring to speak up and admonishes her and the other citizens for being too weak to have any other purpose. He then decides to tear open her shirt and offer the purpose to entertain him. Suddenly, the Demon-Slayer Sword crashes through a window and almost hits the soldier. Asta then falls through the hole in the window and complains about the crazy weather in the Grand Magic Zone. Asta calls the sword back to his hand, and the soldiers recognize that Asta is a Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom. A soldier creates a large suit of armor and strikes at Asta, but the boy cuts through the armor with Black Divider and sends the soldier crashing through a window. He then challenges the rest of the soldiers.[3]

In Hage, Sister Lily steps out of the church and discovers a bedraggled man lying on the ground, and he mutters Yuno's name.[4]

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