Visits 「見舞い Mimai」 is the 220th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The Magic Parliament discusses the Magic Emperor's mission for the Black Bull squad and its support from two royal captains. Damnatio Kira cautions Asta that he will be executed should he fail.[1]

Damnatio then visits Julius Novachrono in the Magic Knights headquarters. Julius points out that the mission will benefit the Clover Kingdom and not punish the innocent. Damnatio does not believe that the kingdom can forgive the crimes nor that Julius can take the responsibility alone, but Julius counters that it is about putting trust in Asta and the Black Bulls. Julius believes that the scales will tip in their favor, and Damnatio warns that if the kingdom is threatened, he will be forced to judge them all, including Julius. Damnatio then leaves and passes Marx Francois who is rushing to see Julius. Marx is shocked that Julius is alive and a child. Julius tries to explain, but Marx refuses, asking to see the memories later. Marx cries with happiness, so Julius comforts him with a hug and apologizes. Marx, however, refuses to forgive him so easily and informs him about the mounting pile of paperwork, much to Julius's shock.[2]

In the Royal Capital, Charlotte is resting in bed and Sol is sitting at her bedside. Sol admits that Yami helped save Charlotte, which confirms Charlotte's memories of when she was possessed. Charlotte is so wrapped up in her thoughts that she does not notice when Yami Sukehiro arrives. She panics and hopes that Sol will kick him out, but Sol allows him to stay since he helped them. Yami then asks about something she said when she was possessed. Worried that it has to do with her feelings for him, Charlotte yells and runs out of the room before he can finish his question. She runs past Asta and Secre Swallowtail and out of the building. She knocks over a man being forceful with a woman and then runs through a house and accidentally carries off a baby. She returns the baby and carries on running, even across a river. As Yami watches out the window, he comments that he wanted to ask her about her curse.[3]

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