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Destruction and Salvation 「崩壊と救済 Hōkai to Kyūsai」 is the 21st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The dungeon is collapsing but the Black Bull and the Golden Dawn mages are able to swiftly make their escape. Also, Klaus finally acknowledges Asta and Yuno while Mars remembers his childhood's promise. The dungeon has finally been conquered, mission accomplished!


When the dungeon starts collapsing, Yuno immediately creates a vessel for all of them to escape. At the same time, Luck Voltia also quickly carries Asta to the said vessel for Mimosa Vermillion to heal him. As they are leaving, after failing to take Mars with them, Luck becomes the guide to take them to the exit while also clearing the falling debris alongside Klaus Lunettes.[1]

They finally able to come out of the dungeon and Mimosa quickly continues to heal Asta at a safer place. On the other end, Lotus Whomalt and his group also manages to escape by following the Clover Kingdom's mages. He also reveals that he used a magic spell that keeps his group invisible to carry the dungeon's treasure while Mars was fighting. Lotus also manages to take Mars with him in which the latter offers his gratitude after remembering the promise he made with Fana.[2]

After a while, Asta finally opens his eyes with Mimosa being surprised with Asta's high vitality. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Klaus begins to hug both Asta and Yuno after finally acknowledging both of them as worthy members of the Magic Knights.[3]

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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