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Instant 「刹那 Setsuna」 is the 20th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The fight is finally over with Yuno's late but powerful finishing attack. However, Asta is greatly injured and the dungeon is beginning to collapse. Can all of them survive this predicament?


Asta's attack of a stream of water manages to hit Mars and extinguish his healing spell. Upon seeing it, Mimosa Vermillion infers that Asta's newfound sword is able to absorb Noelle Silva's mana whose affinity is Water Magic. Asta then collapses after part of Mars' previous attack pierces his abdomen.[1]

Mars, who is still able to fight, generates another enormous sword and immediately prepares to kill Asta. On the other end, Luck Voltia and Klaus Lunettes try to crack the crystal structures that are binding them. Yuno manages to break his binding before them and quickly searches his grimoire to find a spell that could save Asta. Unfortunately, he cannot find a suitable spell but is still determined on saving Asta.[2]

At that moment, everything around Yuno suddenly stop moving as he finds a little girl with a pair of wings has appeared beside him. The girl is yawning, as if she is just waking up from a long sleep. She then blows a puff of air in Mars' direction and the mage is suddenly blasted away with all of his magic spells crumbling to pieces. Subsequently, the crystals binding Klaus and Luck dissipate into thin air, and Klaus determines that Mars has been truly defeated.[3]

When Yuno looks back at the little girl's direction, she has already disappeared. Additionally, he also finds that the writing that he saw inside the scroll from earlier is now appearing in his grimoire. Furthermore, Asta's newfound sword begins shaking as it enters Asta's grimoire and mysterious writing also appears in its place. The moment that the writing appears in both Asta's and Yuno's grimoires, the dungeon begins to collapse with the spots where the scroll and the sword were located as the initial points of rupture.[4]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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