From the Future to the Past 「未来から過去へ Mirai kara Kako e」 is the first chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


At a burning house, a wounded man named Freese comments about how he was betray even through he was loyal to the country. As Freese grabs a necklace, he comments about how he will never forget this and that this is not the end since he will have his revenge.

At another location, Yami, Asta, Noelle, and Finral are waking when Finral starts to complain. Yami tells Finral to stop complaining and that they would not have to walk if Finral had just gone and used his Spatial Magic. Finral replies that that is impossible since this is his first time visiting the place. Noelle informs them that she can fly. Yami says that they are useless, which Finral says that Yami is capable of flying himself. Yami gets angry and asks if Finral has something to say, which Finral replies that he did not say anything wrong. Asta tells them that he cannot fly either since he does not have any mana. Yami tells Asta that that is something that people would not want to yell out. Asta starts to work out and says that with his abs of steel, he will be able to carry them all to their destination. Yami, Noelle, and Finral walk away, while Yami says to just ignore him.

It is explained that Asta was born without any mana, in a world were everyone has mana. Despite all of this, Asta was able to become a Magic Knight within the squad of the Black Bull and is aiming to become the Magic Emperor. Asta and his friends have overcome countless strong enemy and this is just another story within their tale.

Finral asks Yami that if the mission they are on is really a mission from the Magic Emperor, which Yami says that that is right. Yami comments about how Julius does not stop once he starts, and remember how Julius told him to look into a new dungeon and report anything that they find to him. Finral says that he is tired since he had just finished a mission, which Yami says that Finral is just his ride. Asta says that he is ready, which Yami tells Asta that he need to rest. Noelle comments about how there is a dungeon all the way out here, which Asta asks if Noelle know where this place is. Noelle says that this area was once the domain that was under the control of the Freese family. Finral explains how a man named Freese the Seer had control of this area and that he was able to use his foresight powers to raise the Freese family to significant power. As Asta comments about how Freese must have been an amazing person, but Finral says that a group of bandits had wiped the family out around 30 years ago. Asta gets upset about this, which Noelle asks Asta what is the matter since he is making a creepy face. Asta comments about how Freese was not able to use his powers to see that their family would be attacked by bandits. Noelle says that that was a common thing in the past and that the truth had been buried in the past with the Freese family. Noelle also says that to accurately foresee the future is the same as fortune telling.

Yami tells them to stop talking since they have arrived at their destination. The group has arrived at the dungeon, which Yami tells them to not let their guard done since they are heading in. As they head in, Yami says that if something happens, then good luck to them. As they walk through the dungeon, Noelle comments about how she does not feel much mana in the dungeon. Yami says that this place is pretty old for a dungeon and as time passes, the mana within the dungeon has withered away. Yami also warns them that there are still Trap Magic active within the dungeon. Asta asks of Yami has been here before since he seem familiar with it, which Yami replies that he was sorta here a long time ago.

Suddenly the dungeon starts to shake, and multiple Stone Golem appears from the ground. Noelle comments about how the stone golems are trying to eliminate intruders, which Asta says that the Stone Golems are protecting the treasure of the dungeon. Asta pulls out his Demon-Slayer Sword, and says that he will beat the golems with his Anti Magic. Yami says that he is going to explore the dungeon, which Finral tells him to wait. Yami asks what Finral wants, which Finral asks Yami to assist them. Yami tells them to not go easy on themselves, and for them to surpass their limits right here and now. Yami then bids them goodbye and luck while leaving, which Finral says that that is messed up. Asta tells Finral that now is not the time to fool around and that they are going to defeat the golems. While walking away, Yami remember when he asks Karna were she was going. Karna simply tells Yami that what is going to happen now is none other then her revenge. Yami then comments about how that was an old memory.

Back at the fight, Asta manages to destroy one of the golems. As another golem attacks Asta, Noelle uses her Sea Dragon's Roar spell to destroy the golem that is attacking Asta. Asta tells Noelle that the spell almost hit him, but Noelle says that Asta was just in the way. As the spell suddenly turns towards Noelle, Finral uses his Fallen Angel Gate spell to direct the spell to destroy another golem. As Noelle comments about how that is done, while Asta is hit with rubble. Asta tells the two that they are treating him roughly, which Noelle comments about how its always like this while Finral says that his spell has tired him out.

Suddenly all the rubble comes together to for a large Stone Golem, which Noelle comments about how the rubble have merged. As the golem attacks, Noelle uses her Sea Dragon's Nest spell to protect them. Finral comments about how the golem's size and power has increased tenfold, Asta says to bring it on. Asta also says that Yami would kill them if they do not surpass 1 or 2 of their limits. Asta tells the two that they are the Black Bulls and that this is not a problem for them. Noelle says that Asta did not need to tell them that, which Finral says that they will do this. Finral says that he will leave this to them and that he will hide to not get in the way, which Noelle tells Finral to help them out. As the golem launches more stone at them with more power and speed, Noelle notices that she cannot block it with her spell. Asta pulls out his Demon-Dweller Sword and destroys the stones that the golem had launched. Asta tells them two to not forget that he has his other sword. Asta says that he will fight up front while Noelle support with her Water Magic. As Noelle tells Asta to wait, but Asta continues to charge and destroy the stone that the golem continues to launch. Noelle thinks about how its difficult to fight the golem with just to two of them. Finral tells Asta to come back, since he will help them out after they think of a different plan. Asta thinks about how he will not ever give up and that he will keep moving forward, and that he will not lose to Yuno. Asta manages to destroy the golem, while commenting about how never giving up is his magic.

Asta comments about how he did it, but realize that he is about to hit the ground. After hitting the ground, Nero starts to peck the top of Asta's head. Finral comments about how it was reckless the way the Asta defeat the golem, while Noelle says that Nero just feels like pecking Asta's head. Noelle also comments about how it was not bad way to defeat the golem, while thinking about how Asta is always reckless.

Asta then yells in the direction that Yami walk away in, that they have finished. Asta wonders if Yami did not hear him and goes to the door that Yami went through. Before Asta can go through the door, the door explodes which sends Asta flying back. As they all run through the doorway, they notice that Yami is lying on the floor. As they reach Yami, all three of them notice that Yami looks younger. Suddenly Yami wakes up and jumps back once he sees that he is surrounded. Yami pulls his sword and asks who the three are. Asta says that they are Magic Knights, which Yami gets angry and asks about Magic Knights. Asta then introduces himself, and then asks who Yami is. Yami comments about how there are people that still do not know him and says that he is Yami Sukehiro much to the shock of the three. Asta, Noelle, and Finral then discuss about how Yami has gotten younger, which Yami wonder what they are talking about. The three continue to discuss what had happened to Yami and what they should do to deal with it, when Yami asks if they was someone named Karna with him. Asta says that they have not seen any else, which Yami gets angry and says that Asta better not be lying to him. Asta says that he it telling the truth, which Yami accepts it. Yami then bids them farewell and turns to leave, which Asta asks where he is going. Yami says that he is going to find Karna, which Asta says that Yami first needs to go see a doctor in order to get his condition to be fixed. Finral says that Asta is right and that they should inform the others too. Asta grabs a hold of Yami, which Yami asks if Asta wants to fight. Yami attacks Asta but Asta manages to block it. As Finral and Noelle are shocked by this, which Yami says that he is fine with use brute force. Yami also says that he will go with them if they can defeat him.

A flying eye is watching them, which someone is watching them through the eye. The person says that they should keep fighting each other, without know the truth. They also say that everything is planning out in the palm of their hand and starts to laugh.

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