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Memories of You 「追憶の君 Tsuioku no Kimi」 is the 19th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The fight continues and Asta finally able to keep up with Mars' attacks. But, Mars keeps healing himself with Asta's every attack. While Asta tries to find a solution, a request comes at him with Noelle asks him to finish it as soon as possible. Can Asta fulfil this noble task?


After seeing the sword at which Nero is hinting, Asta tries to find out if it is the solution for his problem. Outside, Mars begins to recollect his memories with a girl, Fana, when they were still undergoing the Diamond Kingdom's experiment.[1]

Meanwhile, seeing that Noelle Silva is gravely injured, Mimosa Vermillion desperately tries to heal her with her finest healing spell. At the same time she also begins to recollect her childhood memories spent with Noelle. However, Mimosa's act does not go unnoticed as Mars quickly shifts his attention to her. Unfortunately, Klaus Lunettes, Luck Voltia, and Yuno are trapped within crystal structures and unable to use their grimoires. Mars then launches several attacks as he is trying to finish Noelle.[2]

Fortunately, Asta quickly steps in and protects the two royals from the incoming attack with his newfound sword. The fight restarts with Asta finally able to land an attack but Mars' healing spell is prolonging the battle. Noelle finally wakes up and immediately tells Asta to finish the fight as soon as possible. Asta accepts her request and a stream of water suddenly appears as he tries to slash Mars' incoming attacks.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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