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Inside the Treasure Hall 「宝物殿その奥 Hōmotsuden Sono Oku」 is the 18th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Finally, their mission is about to come to an end. Unfortunately, Mars still has a few left in him and the fight continues. Will the new skills Asta and Yuno found in the treasury give them an edge against Mars?


After Klaus Lunettes restrains Mars with his magic, the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom finally enter the center of the dungeon. The moment Asta cuts down the door to the treasury, they are immediately left in awe with the treasures that they are hoping to take home with them. In the midst of them checking the various items and tools within the treasury, Yuno encounters a scroll surrounded by streams of wind. He finds writing that he does not recognize when he opens it. Subsequently, a bright light is emitted from the scroll and his grimoire, and the writing suddenly disappears.[1]

At the other end, Nero is trying to take Asta to see a wall with a similar locking mechanism as the treasury door attached on it. The anti-bird then begins to peck on Asta's head when the boy cannot understand what it is trying to show him. As they continue strolling around the treasury, Luck Voltia senses a familiar magic power and quickly tells everyone to get away from the door. Unfortunately, he is too late and Mars bursts into the treasury and traps Klaus, Yuno, and Luck with crystals.[2]

Klaus then notices that Mars is using a fire-based Healing Magic spell. It surprises the nobleman because a mage's mana only has an affinity to a single element, but Mars is showing that he can use two different elemental magics of both offensive and support spells. Seeing Mars's fire magic, Noelle Silva tries to negate it with her Water Magic but Mars manages to prevent it and critically injures her. Seeing his squadmate injured, Asta quickly charges towards Mars. However, Mars has already analyzed Asta's fighting capabilities and is able to adapt his own fighting style to overcome it. Mars easily suppresses Asta and sends him flying through the wall. While Asta is trying to find a solution to fight Mars on equal ground, he sees Nero flying in and pass over him. The bird then lands on a sword that is covered in dirt.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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