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Destroyer 「破壊者 Hakaisha」 is the 17th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Due to the nature of his magic, Asta is able to go toe-to-toe with Mars when Yuno could not. Is this the end of the Diamond Kingdom's assaults or are they in for another treat?


Klaus Lunettes, who is still befuddled by Asta's strength, is taken by surprise when Mars' Talos Puppet attacks him yet again. Fortunately, Luck Voltia is able to save him, an act that he is ashamed of as a Golden Dawn member. At the same time, Noelle Silva discovers Mimosa Vermillion, who is still recovering within her Dream Healing Flower Basket. Seeing her helpless cousin, Noelle immediately activates Sea Dragon's Nest and promises to protect her.[1]

Asta immediately challenges Mars to a fight, so the Diamond Kingdom mage creates even more of his crystal-based clones. As those clones attack the rest of them, Mars creates another sword and attacks Asta the moment he destroys one of the clones. To Mars' surprise, Asta easily cuts through the crystal-based sword and swiftly charges in for another attack. The attack is strong enough to destroy Mars' armor and blow him away into the surrounding pool. Asta's strength yet again confuses Klaus, but Noelle immediately explains Asta's nature of strength while fighting against one of the puppets.[2]

Mars then recovers from the damage he took from Asta's attack by covering himself with a larger and sturdier crystal armor. He then uses the armor to attack Asta and manages to injure him. Seeing an injured Asta, Klaus yet again belittles Asta for his power where he believes that Asta got such power by luck. However, the nobleman is shocked when he notices Asta's well-built body and the boy's speech of his ambition.[3]

Hearing Asta's ambition on becoming a Wizard King reminds Mars of his past when he was still participating in the experiment. In contrast with his past, Mars can only remember that his purpose is to be a destroyer and tries to attack Asta again. His attack is for naught as Asta cuts through his crystal armor and renders him unconscious. Subsequently, Mars' puppets also come to a halt, and Asta declares that it will be the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights that enter the treasure hall.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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