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For the sixteenth volume of the anime, see Chapter XVI.

Mortal Combat 「死闘 Shitō」 is the 16th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Turns out Mars is more than just a very gifted mage. He is also a result of Diamond Kingdom's human experiment and became their secret weapon. Yuno cannot defeat him alone, is it time to give teamwork a chance?


The moment Lotus Whomalt realizes that Asta managed to cause extensive damage to him, he decides to escape along with the rest of his subordinates. Asta tries to pursue him but fails and Luck Voltia suggests that they should return to their original objective of conquering the dungeon. Subsequently, he notices that the strongest person in the dungeon is actually someone else.[1]

In front of the door connecting to the center of the dungeon, the fight between the Golden Dawn members and Mars from the Diamond Kingdom continues. Klaus Lunettes who is still unable to fathom the gap of magic power between Yuno and Mars, notices the mage stones embedded in Mars's forehead and sternum. The stones remind him of the rumor surrounding the Diamond Kingdom regarding their research on creating strong mages. He begins to feel disgust over the Kingdom's inhuman treatment of their mages in their pursuit of strong warriors, which he suspects that Mars is the result of it. Subsequently, he also feels dejected over his own helplessness in the situation and decides to attack Mars. However, Mars easily counters it by creating a clone composed of crystal, which is strong enough to hold Klaus. Mars also immediately continues his assault on Yuno with the latter struggling to evade while counterattacking at the same time. Yuno's attacks becomes even more useless when Mars covers himself in a crystal-based armor while telling Yuno to surrender.[2]

As the fight continues, Yuno begins to remember his training session with Asta when they were young, which leads to his refusal to admit defeat to Mars. Being a merciless person, Mars continues to pressure Yuno until Asta comes in and stops him by cutting Mars's sword with his own. Asta and Yuno then prepare to resume the fight while Luck and Noelle Silva also arrive at the scene.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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