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Tempt into a Trap 「罠への誘惑 Wana e no Yūwaku」 is the 15th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Rhya is shocked that Asta, Yami, and Charlotte have defeated the controlled Magic Knights that he had summoned. Finral is glad that the three have defeat the enemy, while Sol comments about how this is expect for Charlotte. Asta is still excited and wants to fight for more, but Yami tells him to calm down. Charlotte looks at Yami and thinks about how he is strong even through he does not have his grimoire. Charlotte also thinks about how Yami is already able to make the best decisions during a battle at his young age, and how she is already in love.

Rhya comments about how this is impossible and that he was naive. Rhya decides to take care of things himself by using one of Yami's spells. Suddenly Rhya is contacted by Licht, which Rhya apologizes since he was distracted while he was heading back to their base. Licht says that its alright and that he saw everything. Licht then asks Rhya to show everyone their some guidance. As Rhya is confused by this, which Licht explains its a problem to gather some many Magic Knights to one place and wants Rhya to invite those there so that they can preserve their forces. Licht says that they will give them the best possible hospitality without killing them, since they are valuable sacrifices and that they have to stay alive until the time comes. Licht tells Rhya that its only a job that he can handle, which Rhya accepts.

Rhya comments about how its more trouble but its for Licht's sake, and heads down while also using transformation magic to turn into Karna. Rhya greets them, but the others are shocked to see Karna. Yami tells Karna to come to her senses and asks why she joined up with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Rhya tells him to shut up and that it was already to late when they met at the dungeon. Charlotte wonders why Yami knows this Karna person, which Asta tells her that Karna is an important person to Yami. Rhya commends them for defeating the Magic Knights but says that it will not change the end results. Rhya says that the Clover Kingdom will be destroyed during the night of the crimson moon. Yami comments about the crimson moon and how its linked to the red moon eclipse.

Charlotte suddenly attacks Rhya, which Rhya manages to block the attack. Charlotte comments about how Rhya can talk about the destruction of the Clover Kingdom in front of the captain of the Blue Rose. Rhya manages to get away from Charlotte. Charlotte says that its unforgivable and that she is going to defeat Karna for sake of the clover kingdom, while thinking about how she is jealous that Karna is an important person to Yami. Asta agrees with Charlotte, and says that he also will not let the Clover Kingdom be destroyed either. Rhya hears this and thinks about how Asta is simple minded. Rhya decides to depart, while also tells them that he will meet them at the quicksand dungeon in the west since she is going to go destroy the stone tablet their. Finral is shocked when he notices that Karna is using Spatial Magic. Rhya wonder if they can stop him, but there is no guarantee that they will make it out alive. As Rhya leaves, Yami thinks about how that is obviously a trap.

After Rhya have left, Yami comments about how the enemy is setting up a trap while Charlotte agrees and that she is worried about it. Finral rushes over and comments about how Karna had managed to escape rather quickly, which Yami comments about how Finral is in good shape. Sol also rushes over and hugs Charlotte, while saying that Charlotte did well. Charlotte says that support is on the way, and that they have to detain the controlled Magic Knights to prevent them from rampaging again. Asta tries to undo the magic that is affecting the Magic Knights but notices that it is not working, which Finral comments about how its not ordinary magic if Asta's sword is of no use. Yami says that it no choice and that they will have to walk into the trap that is at the quicksand dungeon, and that this time they will stop Karna. Finral says that they have to head back to the base to report this and thinks about a plan, which Yami replies that Finral did not even want to come along.

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