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For the fifteenth volume of the anime, see Chapter XV.

Three People 「三人 Sannin」 is the 15th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Three heads are better than one as the Black Bull members fight against their opponent with teamwork. On the other hand, Yuno tries to defeat his opponent on his own. Will his immense magical power be enough to defeat his opponent?


Asta and Noelle Silva arrive as reinforcements for Luck Voltia, but he refuses their help as he remembers his promise to his late mother. Luck dashes towards Lotus Whomalt for another attack, which he missed yet again. The Diamond Kingdom's mage is about to launch a counterattack but is interfered by Asta whom ignores Luck's request because Luck is his comrade. The gesture reminds Luck of his entire squadmates at the Black Bull and accepts Asta's help. However, Lotus traps all of them in one of his spells.[1]

On the other end, Klaus Lunettes questions Yuno's decision on disobeying his order. Yuno then clearly explains that he will leave with the rest of his squadmate after defeating Mars. He then activates two of his magic spells at the same time while stating that he will begin fighting seriously. The amount of magical power that Yuno releases surprises Klaus as he realised that Yuno has been hiding his true strength.[2]

The three Black Bull members are still trapped within the smoke created by Lotus with Asta trying to cut through the smoke, to no effect. Luck has been able to detect their opponent throughout their time within the smoke but is unable to land an attack on him. He believes that Lotus has a remarkable sensory skill which allows him to dodge their attacks. After noticing something, Luck unleashes a barrage of lightning-based spell following Lotus' movement. Lotus believes it is a desperate attack before he is ambushed by Asta from the other direction. At that moment he gives his remark for Asta as he never encounter an opponent without magical power.[3]

Returning to the Golden Dawn members' fight, to Klaus' surprise, Yuno is struggling to remain standing as his magic spells begin to dissipate. Mars finally uses his grimoire to summon a very large sword made out of crystal and prepares to attack Yuno.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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