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For the fourteenth volume of the anime, see Chapter XIV.

Friends 「仲間 Nakama」 is the 14th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

The fights continue with the mages from the Diamond Kingdom having the upper hand. Will the foes gain victory over the fight? Will the two royals play a role in capturing the dungeon?


As the fight between Luck Voltia and Lotus Whomalt continues, the former begins to remember his past relationship with his mother. This relationship was the first trigger of Luck's deranged determination to achieve victory in a fight. Seeing that he is being cornered by a rampaging Luck, Lotus decides to end the fight. The said man uses a smoke-based binding magic, which manages to immobilize Luck.[1]

At the gate to the center of the dungeon, another mage of the Diamond Kingdom approaches while Mimosa Vermillion also begins her healing process after being attack by the said mage. Klaus Lunettes and Yuno defend her when the mysterious mage tries to finish the job. At another corner of the dungeon, Asta and Noelle Silva are still trying to reach the center of the dungeon. Asta suddenly stops when he hears a noise with Noelle assuming it comes from Luck's fight. Asta proposes them to help Luck but Noelle believes that conquering the dungeon is their priority.[2]

Back at the fight between Klaus and Yuno against Mars, the mage from the Diamond Kingdom, they are caught in a stalemate with both sides continuously blocking and neutralizing each other's attacks. However, Klaus realizes that they are slowly being pushed into a corner with Mars seemingly not being worn out from constant use of magic. So, Klaus orders Yuno to leave him and seized the dungeon. The moment Yuno leaves, Mars manages to ensnare Klaus' left foot with Crystal Magic and quickly launches an attack towards him. Looking back at Luck's fight, Lotus is standing in front of an imprisoned Luck and decides to end the latter's suffering. Fortunately, Asta is able to negate the spell on time while Yuno also manages to defend Klaus from the attack. Both of them decides to help their respective comrade because they made a promise to treat their friends as a family.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

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