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Match 「手合わせ Teawase」 is the 13th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


As Asta, Yami Sukehiro, and Finral Roulacase are within the Royal Capital, Asta expresses how amazing the Royal Capital is and how it is full of people. Finral tells Asta that the capital is more crowded because of the upcoming Star Awards Festival, while also thinking about how its also full of beauties too. Asta comments about how that is why they should be walking around but notices that what Yami is doing. Asta asks Yami what he doing, which Yami replies that he is working while holding a handful of jewelry. Asta says that Yami is stealing and that he has to give it back, which Yami says that he will not since he will not be able to eat. Finral says that Yami was a theft in the past, which Yami tells them to be more formal when they speak to him which Asta wonders why. Asta suddenly notices a shop and asks Finral about it. Finral sees the shop and tells Asta that they are selling sunglasses for the Crimson Moon. Finral explains how the Crimson Moon is a lunar eclipse that happens every 100 years, were it cause the moon to becomes bright red. Finral also says that the shop is selling sunglasses for seeing the Crimson Moon, and that various shops are opening up for the Crimson Moon. Finral says that the shop is fairly new and that they should move on, but suddenly notices beautiful women and comments about how he rather see his passionate elder sister then the crimson moon. Asta thinks about the Crimson Moon and how it might be related to the Bright Red Moon words that Freese has said. Finral then comments about how beautiful the captain of the Blue Rose quad Charlotte is and how he wishes to be near her at least once. Finral also says that Charlotte is a great man-hater, but it just makes her look even more attractive.

Elsewhere, Charlotte meets up with Sol Marron. Sol is excited to meet up with her captain since the meeting is over, and asks if any man has touched her since only members of the Blue Rose squad can do that. Charlotte tells Sol to not say things like that out loud since other people will get the wrong idea. Sol says that she mean everything since men are stupid, loud, and dirty. Sol also says that they will never let captain of the Black Bull, Yami, touch her since he is the pain along with the number one annoying among men and that they will never let that man touch Charlotte. Sol suddenly notices that Charlotte is swaying and calls out to Charlotte. Charlotte thinks about the young Yami naivety of his young, along with his roughness just make his to cute to bear. As Sol tries to get Charlotte's attention, Charlotte thinks about how unfortunate it will be since the original Yami will be back. Charlotte thinks that she will have to adopt Yami so that she can give him the education of her personal preference, but realizes that she is in love with the original Yami and that she might be losing her sanity.

As Rhya is making his way through the capital, he thinks about how he has to return to their base since he has report what he had learned to Licht. Suddenly Rhya notices Asta and thinks about how Asta was at the strategy meeting to. Rhya comments about how its a pain to move but since Asta has no magical power, and he should just disappear. Rhya says that this is so much trouble, but decides to try out Karna's power. Rhya thinks about how he will play for a little bit, and launches a Crescent Cut spell at Asta. Asta recognizes the magic, which Yami takes this chance to block the incoming spell. After blocking the spell, Yami notices that Karna is not here. Asta also looks where the spell came from but notices that no one is their.

Rhya used a Spatial Magic to move to a different location, and thinks about how it is troublesome to show himself but this is just a test. Rhya decides to play for a bit longer, and uses a spell to summon Magic Knights that attack the civilians. Asta notices that those Magic Knights are the same ones at the Lave Dungeon and wonders why they are here. Rhya thinks about how this is an easy victory with using Spatial Magic, and then comments about how long they can last while they are protecting the people. Yami tells Finral to evacuate the people, and tells Asta that they will deal with the Magic Knights. Finral thinks about how Yami was able to just the situation right away, and that Yami has this kind of leadership while this young. As Yami goes to charge, but notices that his wounds have not healed yet. Asta charges forward and manages to take out some of the Magic Knights. Asta says that they will take out the Magic Knights, and that they will be leaving the evacuation of the people to Finral. Yami hears this and says that he did not need to say that, while Rhya thinks about how he expected that they were troublesome. Asta thinks about how the Magic Knights are not coming any further, and prepares to fight the incoming Magic Knights.

Suddenly Charlotte arrives and uses her Corpse-Hunting Briar Tree spell to take care of the incoming Magic Knights. Charlotte comments about how there is someone stupid enough to attack the town that she is in, and that she will not let any of them to lay a single finger on the citizens. Charlotte then says that she is here.

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