Burn the Present into Memory 「今焼き付ける Ima Yakitsukeru」 is the 130th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


When Zora Ideale reflects Langris Vaude's magic back at him, the audience is shocked. Furious, Langris cancels out the magic, which shocks the audience. Klaus Lunettes comments about how Langris has gotten stronger. Langris mocks Zora about how his trump card was useless against someone special like himself, adding that he is different from Finral and Zora and that anything that Zora tries is useless while firing another spell.[1]

Asta appears in his black form and says that it was not useless, and counters Langris' spell, which angers Langris, while the audience wonders about Asta's form. Mimosa Vermillion goes to heal Zora, who does not want her help, but Mimosa still heals him since they are teammates. Langris asks about Asta's form, which Asta replies that it is the last ditch effort of a peasant. Langris then comments about how everyone is a thorn in his side for trying to stand on the same stage with someone special like himself. Asta comments about how truly special Langris is, and how he has admired people like Langris, which reminds Zora of his father. Asta also says that he does not want to be liked by people like Langris and that everyone has fought to get stronger to be where they are now.[2]

Langris tells Asta to shut up and calls Asta a useless nothing, while firing another spell. Asta says that he will burn the power of a useless nothing into his memory, while also countering Langris' spells. Asta hits Langris, and Langris notices that he cannot use his magic. Asta then uses Black Meteorite not only to defeat Langris but also to destroy Team G's crystal.[3]



Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


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