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Strategy Meeting 「作戦会議 Sakusen Kaigi」 is the 12th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Finral asks Julius what he means when he says that Lord Freese might not have been attacked by bandits. Julius explains that Lord Freese was known as "Freese the Seer" because he could see into the future, and that he had used this power to raise his family's social status within one generation. However, Julius proposes the idea that Freese's foresight might not have been his own, and that his power of foresight might have come from a Magic Tool. Julius explains that Magic Tools have the capability of amplifying a user's power, and that perhaps Freese obtained the power of foresight from such an item. Marx notes that the other nobles viewed Freese's foresight as "cheating", and that they did not like how Freese used his power to push aside other noble families to raise his own house's status. Klaus questions what Julius is suggesting: if House Freese being attacked by bandits was just a cover story for other noble families killing Lord Freese. Julius tells them that although he has seen various types of magic, that he has not seen any magic that can allow someone to see the future without obstructions. Considering the unnatural disappearance of the Freese family, Julius's best guess is that the other nobles attacked Freese. Marx says that it's unclear why Karna is still alive, then asks if they noticed any magic tools. Yami suggests that Karna's necklace might be a magic tool because she began to act strangely after she put it on. Finral wonders if Karna is being controlled by that necklace. Julius tells them that Karna's behavior is still mysterious, and that they still do not understand what the purpose could be behind making the Grand Magic Zone's mana go wild. Even though they do not understand what connections this magic tool has with the situation, they still have to stop Karna. Asta asks if everything will be okay if they stop her, and Klaus asks what should be done, but they're interrupted by other voices apologizing for being late.

Asta turns and sees Captains Nozel, Jack, and Charlotte walk into the room. Nozel comments that there must be a major incident if they have been called. Jack asks if he can slice up the enemy, but Charlotte tells Jack to watch his mouth in the presence of the Wizard King. Meanwhile, Finral is stunned by the sight of the Clover Kingdom's top Magic Knights. Julius apologizes about calling them, but then asks the others if he can explain the situation to them now. The three captains stare in shock and confusion at the boy in front of them who they have been told is Yami. As Jack and Nozel make comments about him, Yami wonders who they are. On the other hand, Charlotte is in too much shock to say anything – she's overwhelmed by how small and cute Yami is. She tries to calm herself down, but ends up asking if she can adopt Yami if he has nowhere to go. Charlotte tries to explain that she was talking about special education for gifted children, and not about growing a Yami of her own liking. Julius chuckles at how lucky it is that Yami is popular with everyone.

Julius explains their strategy: each of them will head to a dungeon in the Grand Magic Zone to protect its Stone Tablet. Julius tells them that Karna has already destroyed a stone tablet for unknown reasons, and surmises that she will likely go after the others. There are four stone tablets left, which Julius would like for the Magic Knights to protect. The Silver Eagles will protect the Eastern Dungeon, the Green Mantises will protect the Western Dungeon, the Blue Roses will protect the Southern Dungeon, and the Golden Dawn will protect the Northern Dungeon. Asta asks about the Black Bulls, to which Julius explains that he wants the Black Bulls to investigate Karna's movements because there is a lot they do not understand about her. However, he also warns them to not overdo it since Karna is still allied with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Julius tells them they should contact him if they learn anything about Karna, but Yami tells Julius to not order him around. Even though he's grateful that Julius has investigated so much, Yami considers this his problem to deal with, and he will do what he wants to do. Jack laughs, commenting that Yami still has the same attitude. Julius agrees in his thoughts, then dismisses everyone and wishes them luck.

As they leave, everyone splits up. Charlotte tries to excuse herself to Yami, but Yami tilts his head in confusion. Asta tells Yuno that he will become stronger. Yuno smiles at him and says he will not be losing to Asta (and that smile catches Sylph's attention). Once out of sight, Rhya undoes his transformation and compliments himself on his performance this time, but wonders if anybody noticed. He then wonders who he should transform into next. Unfortunately for the Magic Knights, the Eye of the Midnight Sun now knows their strategy.

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