Strategy Meeting 「作戦会議 Sakusen Kaigi」 is the 12th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Finral asks Julius what he means that Lord Freese might not have been attacked by bandits. Julius says that Lord Freese was called Freese the Seer since he could see into the future, and that Freese he had used that power to raises his family's status within one generation. Julius then comments about Freese's foresight might not have been his, and that the power might have come from a Magic Tool. As everyone is shocked by this, Julius explains to them that a Magic Tool is capable of amplifying the power of the user and that Freese may have obtained the power of Foresight from one of these Magic Tools. Marx says that Freese's cheating to raise his family's status was not well liked by other nobles that was pushed aside by Freese's cheating. Klaus asks if the Freese's family being attacked by other noble family was just other Noble's families killing Freese. Julius tells them that he has seen a ton of magic, but not any magic that had the power to see the future without obstructions. Julius also says he thinks that the nobles attack the Freese's family might be corrects, after thinking about the unnatural disappearance of the Freese's family. Marx says that it is unclear why Karna is still alive, and asks if they notices anything that was on her. Yami says that Karna was wearing a necklace that cause her to act strange once she put it on. Yami also says that the necklace might be a Magic Tool. Finral says that Karna could be being controlled by that necklace, while Asta thinks about how he doesn't understand anything that they are talking about. Julius tells them that Karna's behavior is still mysterious along with the purpose of making the Grand Magic Zone's mana go wild. Julius also says that they don't understand the connection of this magic tool, but they have to stop Karna. Asta asks if everything will be good if they stop her, while Klaus asks what should they do.

Suddenly people walk in and apologizes for being late. Asta looks and sees that Nozel, Jack, and Charlotte have entered the room. Nozel comments about how a major incident has happened since they were called, while Jack asks if he can slice up the enemy this time which Charlotte tells Jack to watch his mouth like in the presence of the Magic Emperor. Finral thinks about how this is back since these three captain were called. Julius apologizes to them about calling them so soon, and then explains the situation to them. The three are shocked to find out that the boy in front of them is really Yami. Jack comments about how he can't slice up Yami now while Nozel wants to know if they can get rid of the foreigner, which Yami wonder who the two are. Charlotte is completely shocked about seeing a young boy version of Yami. Charlotte thinks that this is rare experience to see Yami so small and cute. Charlotte tells herself to calm down and that this Yami is a child. Charlotte says that she will adopt him if he has nowhere to go while thinking about how she can't suppress her desire. Charlotte quickly says that it is for special education for gifted children and not to grow a Yami to her liking. Julius laughs since Yami is popular with everyone.

Julius says that he will explain their strategy and says that each of them will head to a Grand Magic Zone to protect its Stone Tablet. Julius tells them that Karna has already destroyed a tablet for an unknown reason, and is already heading to another one. Julius says that their are 4 tablet left and that he wants them to protect the last ones. Julius has the Silver Eagles will protect the Eastern Dungeon, the Green Mantis will protect the Western Dungeon, the Blue Roses will protect the Southern Dungeon, and the Golden Dawn will protect the Northern Dungeon. Asta hears this and asks about the Black Bulls, which Julius replies that he wants the Black Bulls to continue to investigate Karna's movements since their is a lot they don't understand about her. Julius also warns them to not overdo it since Karna has allied herself with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and that they should contact him if they find out anything about Karna. Yami tells Julius to not order him around and even through he is grateful that Julius has investigated this so much, this is his problem and he will do what he wants to do. Jack says that the kid is really Yami, while Nozel says that Yami is a foreigner and Charlotte thinks about how a cheeky Yami is also cute. Julius thinks about how Yami hasn't changed. Julius this missed everyone, which everyone leaves.

While leaving, Charlotte tries to cover her actions but Yami is confused about what she is talking about. Asta tells Yuno that he is going to become stronger, which Yuno smiles and says that he not going to lose to Asta which Sylph sees that Yuno has smiled again. After everyone has left the building, Rhya undoes his transformation spell and comments about how he had preformed well this time. Rhya wonders if anybody noticed anything, since nobody can see through his Imitation Magic. Rhya wonders who he should transform into next since they know what the Magic Knight's strategy and wonder what their next move shall be.

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