The Life of a Certain Man 「ある一人の男の生き方 Aru Hitori no Otoko no Ikikata」 is the 129th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the audience begins to worry about the match, Asta continues to block Langris Vaude's spells and Mimosa Vermillion continues to heal Asta but notices that her Princess-Healing Flower Robe cannot keep up. She informs him that his body will give out before the crystal does, but he simply replies not yet. He thinks about how he can now use his black form again but does not want to use it until he faces Yuno since he can only use it twice a day. Asta also thinks about how he cannot use his black form since he cannot enter the pose to activate it.

Asta calls for Zora Ideale, who appears with a magic circle to block Langris' spells.[1] Zora thinks about how he is only doing this because he cannot stand Langris, and also thinks about how Asta has full trust in him while holding his stance without hesitating a moment. Zora remembers his father who loved to pull pranks and even made a doll for Zora. Zora thinks about how his father was his idol because he was a Magic Knight who put in a lot of effort. When Zara died, Zora found out that it was his fellow Purple Orcas that had killed him. Zora then decide to model himself after the doll that his father had made and to confront corrupt Magic Knights, including Xerx Lugner who threatened an old lady for asking about her granddaughter.[2]

Zora tells Langris that he is no Magic Knight, and Langris manipulates his spells to move around Zora's magic circle. Langris tells Zora to get lost and that he is a true Magic Knight, while Asta worries about Zora. As Langris's spells hit Zora, a magic circle appears on Zora's body. Zora congratulates Langris for being the first person to land a hit on him today, which shocks Langris. Marx Francois comments about the side effects of placing a magic circle on the body, while the other participants wonder who Zora is. Back to when Zora attacked Xerx, Xerx's attendant wondered who Zora is, to which Zora replied that he is a kid from a peasant village. The magic circle on Zora's body activates, and Zora tells Langris to take it while calling him a fake Magic Knight.[3]



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