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For the twelfth volume of the anime, see Chapter XII.

Reunion 「再会 Saikai」 is the 12th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

As suspected, the Black Bulls and the Golden Dawns cannot get along very well. Thus, the race is on! Which group will conquer the dungeon first? Will it be a walk in a park or hell?


In a certain location within the Clover Kingdom, William Vangeance is questioned by Alecdora Sandler regarding his choice on sending Yuno to explore a dungeon. As William is convincing his doubted member, Yuno and his squadmates are meeting Asta and Noelle Silva. The latter then begins to quarrel with Yuno's squadmates, Klaus Lunettes and Mimosa Vermillion.[1]

As Klaus is asking about the missing member of Asta's group, Luck Voltia is traveling through the dungeon towards his target at a remarkable speed. Klaus then decides to end the conversation as he orders Mimosa to locate the center of the dungeon and Yuno to take them straight to it. Asta and Noelle also begin their blind search for the center of the dungeon until Nero points them to a certain direction.[2]

Elsewhere, the Wizard King is informed that the Diamond Kingdom has sent a group of mages led by Lotus Whomalt to conquer the dungeon. While his subordinates are starting to panic, the Wizard King still believes in his Knights' capabilities. Somewhere within the dungeon, Luck finally encounters his target and manages to defeat his subordinates before challenging him to a fight.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

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