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#[[Forte Gris]]
#[[Forte Gris]]
#[[Curtis Warren]]
#[[Curtis Warren]]
#[[Lil Bowamoltie|X]]

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The Flower of Oath 「誓いの花 Chikai no Hana」 is the 114th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta yells at the rogue for loungin around, and even reminds the rogue about his impassioned speech from earlier. Asta also asks if the rogue wants to win, which the rogue responds that he doesn't care about winning, and for Asta to quit taking his anger out on him.[1] The rogue also says that he had pulled an all-nighter and heads to sleep.

On Team A's side, the crystal user Rick Cornell informs his teammates that the rogue has fallen asleep and even explains how his spell can actual see the physical condition of a person. The fire user Forte Gris gets angry at the rogue for his arrogance and disrespect towards the magic emperor, while the stone user Curtis Warren just says that Team B will not win if they do not act. Curtis also says that they will finish this match here and now.

On Team B's side, Mimosa uses a spell to locate that two are by their crystal while the other one is in the forest. Mimosa notices that two of the mage's mana is increasing and informs Asta that their is an incoming attack coming. Asta thinks about how their attacks are incredibly fast and if he can get the timing and direction of the attack then he can counterattack. Asta manages to get into position and cut the incoming attack, which Mimosa thinks about how incredible Asta is for managing to cut the incoming attack. Mimosa looks at the sleeping rogue and then tells Asta that they can't win like this. Mimosa also says that they should forget about the rogue and just work together, since she will locate the enemies incoming attacks while Asta defends the crystal while they head towards the other team.[2] Asta thinks about how Mimosa's decision making is fast and how she must has overcome all kind of battlefields to get to here, which Asta agrees to Mimosa's plan.

Asta and Mimosa then head out towards Team A's side, all the while protecting their crystal. The magic knights that are watching wonder what they are doing and what had happened to their third teammate. Yuno thinks about how Asta won't be losing in the first round, while Sylph wonders what is going on. Noelle thinks about how this is unexpected for both Asta and Mimosa, while Klaus says that both Asta and Mimosa can do this.[3] Rick notices that Asta and Mimosa are coming closer with their crystal and informs his teammates about this and that Team B might have someone that is capable to locate their position.

As Asta and Mimosa manage to get close enough to see Team A's crystal, Curtis tells Forte not panic since Team B's crystal is in shambles while their is perfectly fine. Asta and Mimosa take over, and Mimosa use a spell to fire a beam towards Team A's crystal but Curtis uses a spell to block the beam. Asta is amazed by Mimosa's spell and asks when she learned that spell, which Mimosa thinks about how she trained to become stronger so that she could fight by Asta's side.[4] Mimosa tells Asta that she will lead that way for their counterattack, which Asta thinks about how Mimosa has become dependable.

Curtis informs Forte that they should get close and surround the two, but Forte tells Curtis that Asta can use Anti-magic and that in close combat it strength is unparalleled. Curtis says that since getting close is dangerous, and tells Forte a different plan. Curtis and Forte split up, which Asta doesn't know which one has the crystal. Mimosa uses a spell and informs Asta that Curtis is the one that has the crystal. Curtis tells Asta to try his strongest spell and prepares for a spell. Mimosa says that Curtis is going to use a powerful spell, which Asta replies that he will just cut right through it along with the crystal. Mimosa notices that their are two other powerful mana sources and thinks about how they are surrounded while the others are preparing powerful spells. Mimosa thinks about how their crystal would be destroyed if Team A launches their spells, and how Asta won't be able to cut their spells from the direction they are coming in.

Asta then rushes forward but is suddenly get caught in a trap and paralyzed. Mimosa is shocked that by this and thinks about how this is what the Royal Knights Exam is. Curtis gives the signal and all three launch their spells towards Team B's crystal.[5]



Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


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