Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament魔晶石クリスタル破壊バトルトーナメント Kurisutaru Hakai Batoru Tōnamento」 is the 113th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the rogue explains to Julius that he was late because he was helping an old lady and says that she is fine when Julius how she was. Marx suddenly attacks the rogue, but the rogue dodges and tells Marx to be careful since he could hurt someone. As the magic knights yell at the rogue about disrespecting the magic emperor Julius, Julius tries to calm them down. As the rogue puts on the Violet Orca robe, he also tells the magic knights that he doesn't respect the magic emperor at all.[1] As the magic knights get angry at the rogue, the rogue simply walks over to Asta while saying that they should get along. As Asta shakes the rogues hand, the rogue slips a bug onto Asta's hand while revealing that its the smelliest bug in the Clover Kingdom as it releases a foul odor. Asta asks if the rogue has any plans to get along, which the rogue replies that he has no intention of getting along with them while also insulting Asta. Asta then asks if the rogue really has any intention of joining the Royal Knights, which the rogue responds by saying that he only came her to mock them all.[2] As Asta is shocked by this, members of the Violet Orca wonders how the vice-captain of the Violet Orca is different from the rumors since only few know the true Vice-captain that the rogue has taken Zax Lugner place.

As Asta complains that he can't work with the rogue, but Julius says that they should all get along and that call of the teams have already been confirmed. Yuno and Noelle notice that they are on a team, which both of them think about how they are on a team with each other. Sol and Magna notices that they are on the same team and quickly start an argument with each other. Klaus and Luck notice that they are the same team and while Luck says that they should do their best while working together, Klaus just thinks about how he has to be stuck on a team with Luck. Finral notices that he is on a team with Jamon and Leopold, and wonders if this team will be alright. Solido and Alecdra notice that they are on a team together and while Solido comments about their power, Alecdra just tells Solido to not run off on his own.[3]

Julius announces that they will be heading to the exam site and that he will leaving that to Kobu, who creates a portal that everyone enters through. Once they reach the site Julius says that they will be able use as much power as they want and then shows the bracket for the tournament.[4] Julius also says that the exam is not based on just winning and losing their match, but winning will help them out. Noelle and Solido notice that they will be facing each other in the first round, while Finral notices that he will have to win one match to face his brother in the next round. Asta notices that he won't face Yuno's team until the end of the tournament, while also planning to win the whole tournament. Julius says that they are going to start the first match, while also saying that they can use what ever attack they want without killing their opponents. Julius also says that they have a high-class healer on standby, so they can all cut loose.

As the first match begins, Team A is angry at the rogue for showing such disrespect towards the magic emperor. As Asta gets excited to face the other team, the rogue insult Asta and says that they should get to understand the battlefield or learning what they are capable of. As Asta and Mimosa both agree that he rogue is right, Mimosa suggest that they come find out what they are capable of and then make a plan. Mimosa says that she can use plant magic, while Asta can use Anti-magic.[5] Mimosa then asks what the rogue can do, but suddenly their crystal is attacked. As Mimosa wonders where the attack came from, but decides to get the crystal out of harms why. As Mimosa moves the crystal, but the crystal is suddenly hit with another attack. Mimosa thinks about how the other team is using long-range spells, while Asta wonders how they are doing this. On the other team one member is using crystal magic to locate the target while the other two are using stone magic and fire magic to launch multiple strikes. Team A's plans to make shore that Team b can't take any action for their disrespect towards the magic emperor. As Team A's crystal is hit again, Asta says that they have to do something since it will be over before it begins. As Asta says that they will have to work together but notices that the rogue is asleep, and wonders what is wrong with the guy.



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