Taking a Bath 「いざ入浴 Iza Nyūyoku」 is the 111th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the Crimson Lion squad finally make it to the top, Mereoleona Vermillion tells the squad that those who had not arrived at the top before night will have to try again. She then says that all those who have made it to the top before night may enter the hot spring. Asta wonders where the hot spring is. Suddenly hot water rises from the ground and creates a large pool. Asta remembers that they have women with them and wonders if they will be bathing together, and Sol Marron says that no man will see Charlotte Roselei bathe and creates an Mud Wall Partition, dividing the hot spring.[1]

Everyone then enters and enjoys the bath. Mereoleona tries to get Charlotte to drink but the Blue Rose captain refuses. Sol decides to help Noelle Silva wash her hair and even tries to convince her to join the Blue Rose, but Noelle says that she is already in the Black Bulls. Sol also explains the role of men in their squad and how she originally wanted to recruit Yuno just to push him around. Suddenly Charlotte faints after realizing that Yami Sukehiro is naked behind the wall. Sol pulls Charlotte out of the bath and tries to cool her off.[2]

Mereoleona suddenly notices Noelle and comments about how Noelle is looking more and more like her mother. Noelle asks what kind of a woman her mother was and Mereoleona replies that she was a strong woman. Mereoleona comments about how she would have never have guessed that Noelle was Acier's daughter because of her lack of control over her magic. Mereoleona then comments about how Noelle has to surpass with her own strength, with which Noelle agrees.[3]

On the men's side, Leopold Vermillion is competing with Yuno, and Asta decides to join in too. Yami tells everyone that there are more fun things to do in the bath and that they should peek on the women's side, but some of the Crimson Lion men say they should not. Yami convinces the men that they have to do this since they were all born men. Yami even tries to get Yuno to do it, too, but Yuno declines. Yami gets angry at Yuno but Asta steps in to defend Yuno and tries to explains why Yuno would never do that. Leopold suddenly comments about how Fuegoleon Vermillion would not peek, so Yami suggests that they should try to surpass Fuegoleon rather than be like him. After the Crimson Lions all agree to peek, Yami asks if Asta is going to join in. Asta replies that he will not join in since his heart already belongs to Sister Lily, which shocks everyone.[4]


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