Saint Elmo's Fire 「セントエルモの火 Sentoerumo no Hi」 is the 110th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta wonders how he is going to climb up the volcano even through he was determined just a second ago. He then figures that he will have to take on that form in order to reach the top of the volcano. He tries a pose but nothing happens, and Mereoleona Vermillion gets angry at him and tells him just to head home. He tells her that he can climb the volcano, and she leaves him while telling him to struggle all he wants.[1]

He thinks back to when he first transformed and decides that he should maybe toss himself into the magma, but realizes that that is too reckless and that he has to think this through carefully. He thinks about how it is hopeless but suddenly remembers what Mereoleona told him. He first thinks about how he can wield the Anti Magic Weapons because he has no magic. He second thinks about his strength that he has built up with his training. He third thinks about how he can use ki to sense everything around him.[2] He realizes that he can sense his own ki and a black-ish force that is entering his body from the Demon-Dweller Sword. He holds the sword out in front and puts his left hand on the blade, letting the energy flow into him. The flow of Anti Magic surges and covers his right arm and shoulder. Having no control, he then shoots up the volcano.[3]

Leopold Vermillion, Noelle Silva, and the Crimson Lion squad have run into a magic lifeform made of lava. Leopold tells the others that they have to defeat the lifeform or they cannot call themselves Magic Knights, and Noelle tells Leopold to take care of the lifeform. Leopold and Noelle get into an argument about who should take out the creature. Asta suddenly slices through the lifeform[4] and then continues on his way.

As he flies up the volcano, Asta notices Yuno flying up ahead. When Yuno lands atop the volcano, Asta arcs over him and heads straight toward the magma. Mereoleona suddenly releases her mana, and Asta is pulled towards her. He tells her to run, which she ignores and instead punches him to the ground. She compliments him but tells him that he still has a long way to go. He thinks about how he was able to use that power and that he will have to get stronger in order to pass the exam. She then tells him that he will be allowed to enter the hot spring and orders him to stripped, which shocks him.[5]


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