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For the eleventh volume of the anime, see Chapter XI.

Dungeon魔宮ダンジョン Danjon」 is the 11th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

A new dungeon appears! A new and different type of adventure is upon them when Asta is reunited with Yuno. Can the top and the bottom squad members get along or is that simply impossible?


A new dungeon has appeared near the border of the Kingdom and the Wizard King requested Asta to explore it. Luck Voltia and Noelle Silva accompany Asta in exploring the dungeon. Back at the headquarters, Yami Sukehiro and Vanessa Enoteca discuss the Wizard King's decision and Luck's abilities and personality.[1]

As they enter the dungeon, Asta and Noelle are arguing over the anti-bird's name until Luck suggests Nero as its name. After walking in the dark for quite some time, they soon arrive at the center of the dungeon. Both Luck and Noelle can feel the stronger presence of mana inside than the outside of the dungeon. Asta then accidentally activates a trap while sulking over his inability to feel mana. Fortunately, he is able to negate it. Luck starts sensing various traps that have been laid all over the dungeon, and begins to activate the majority of them. He then senses the presence of other people in the dungeon and quickly takes off after locating the strongest one of them. As he leaves Asta and Noelle, another trap activates and manages to immobilize Noelle.[2]

Looking back to the Black Bull headquarters, Yami informs Magna Swing that members of the Golden Dawn were also being dispatched to explore the dungeon, and hopes that all of them can work together. At the same time, a magic spell manages to release Asta from the trap's entanglement while destroying it at the same time. As Noelle is wondering about the user of the spell with such magnitude, Yuno and his fellow squadmates reveal themselves, with Yuno affirming that he has paid his debt of being saved by Asta.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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