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Twilight Vow 「夕暮れの誓い Yūgure no Chikai」 is the 10th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


At the Black Bull base, Klaus is recovering and comments about how it was his failure because his comrade had fought the Eye of the Midnight Sun had fought while he was unconscious. Mimosa tells Klaus that their opponent were strong and that it could not be helped. Mimosa then comments about how Klaus had been asleep within the Black Bull base for days, which Klaus tells her to stop and that they should be excusing themselves. Noelle says that Vetto was revived, while they thought that Fana's consciousness has returned. Luck says that he wants to fight to, which Finral thinks about how something would go wrong if he goes with them. Vanessa asks Yuno who this Karna person is, which Yuno explains what Karna has told them and that she is being controlled by her father. Vanessa figures that Yami and Karna has meet 14 years ago and wonders if Karna had become young like Yami. Noelle says that the captain was with them in the dungeon and that it was a coincidence that Karna would appear in front of Yami and that two would be turned younger. Magna says that they have to stop Karna since she has join forces with the Eye of the Midnight Sun to destroy the Clover Kingdom. Mimosa informs the others that they have contacted the Magic Emperor and that they just have to wait for his reply. Noelle then asks if the others have collected any information, which Charmy says that she was eating while Finral says that he has run out of Mana. Magna wonders were Asta and Yami went, which Luck says that Yami went off somewhere and that Asta had followed after him. Magna says that they will not do something like that and that they are facing a crisis.

Elsewhere, Yami is meditating on a rock when Asta shows up. Asta says that Yami has not recovered yet, but Yami replies that Asta is has not recovered either. Asta says that he is fine and that this kind of pain is nothing to him, which Yami says that Asta is crazy. Asta asks why Yami is doing, which Yami says that he was meditating. Asta wonders what that is, which Yami explains how its a technique from his home land that helps with calming the mind. Asta asks if that is his thing since he is young now, which Yami says that Asta is taking this serious enough. Yami says that Karna is like family to him and that he will take her back no matter what. Yami also says that the current situation is currently weird, and that he does not understand the guys from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami comments about how the Eye of the Midnight Sun has considerable power and that he might not be able to get Karna back from them. Yami notices that Asta is making a weird face and wonders what he is doing, which Asta replies that he was just meditating and explains how he was doing it. Yami laughs and says that Asta is an idoit, which Asta says not to say such things even through he is an idiot. Asta says that he does not understand difficult things to and that they can try to think about it more comfortably. Asta then says that they will brings Karna back, beat the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and that they will restore Yami's body to normal. Asta tells Yami that everyone will help since Karna's is Yami's family and that they will treat her like family to. Yami thinks about how his future self is luck, since he can be next to Asta. Nero starts to peck Asta's head, which Asta wonders what he had send. Yami pulls out his sword which Asta wonders what is going on. Yami asks for Asta help, which Asta pulls out his Demon Dweller Sword and crosses his sword with Yami's along with agreeing to help.

Suddenly Magna shows up and says that they have to head back to the base since the Magic Emperor has contacted them for a strategy meeting. Once they returned to the base, Julius notices that Yami has truly become younger. Julius starts to asks question about how Yami had become younger, which Yami wonders who Julius is. Julius then explains what they have learned with the research that they have done and that he want them to come to the capital so that they can talk about it. Julius also says that they this is a serious matter since the fate of the Clover Kingdom is on the line and that this will be a major battle.

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