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*[[Star Awards Festival]]
*[[Star Awards Festival]]
*[[The Hot Spring Training Camp]]
==Magic and Spells used==
==Magic and Spells used==

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The King of Clover Kingdom 「クローバー王国国王 Kurōbā Ōkoku Kokuō」 is the 107th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the crowd cheers, Julius announces that since they have finished with the ceremony, the king will be taking the stage. Asta wonders about the king and asks Yuno, but he has no idea. As the King takes the stage, he thinks about how loud the crowd should cheer for him.[1] The king tells Julius to not stand so close to him since he needs to stand out, which Julius responds with a sure. The king greets the crowd and reveals his name as Augustus Quila Clover the 13th, which the crowd calmly cheers. Augustus then yells at the crowd for their cheer and starts to explains how he is the top of the kingdom. The crowd just thinks about how the Magic Emperor should be the king, while Julius tells Augustus to calm himself.

Augustus thinks about how he hates Julius for hogging all the popularity, and how he can't tolerate how Golden Dawn had come first place over a squad that has a member of the royal family in it. Augustus thinks about how he has to get back the people's support in one swoop. Augustus announces to the crowd that they have located the headquarters of the White Night Eye, which shocks the crowd. Augustus says that they can now go on the offensive against the White Night Eye, and that they will create a squad called the Royal Knights made of the best of the Magic Knights.[2] Augustus also announces that in one week they will be holding an exam for all the magic knights and only those that pass may join the squad. Augustus then says that the Royal Knights will take down the White Night Eye, which the crowd cheers loudly for the king. As Augustus listens to all their cheers, he thinks about how Julius had did all the work and how he has take it all for him self.

Asta suddenly asks why the king is the one choosing the knight since it the magic emperor and the squad captains are more awesome, and not the king.[3] Augustus is shocked at what Asta had said, while Asta continues to says that he has never heard of the king doing anything awesome. Asta asks Yuno if he has heard of anything, but Yuno says that he has also heard nothing. Asta then says that even though the king has amazing magic power, the king has done nothing for the people. Asta finishes his comments about how he feels that the king is not that amazing, which Yuno says that now is not the time to speak the truth while Jack says that Asta is a riot.

Augustus yells out that he doesn't care how strong Asta and Yuno are, and orders for them to be executed.[4] Julius steps in and asks Augustus to forgive them since they can become shields one day to protect Augustus's life. Julius also says that Augustus shouldn't use his power so brashly since it will make it less honorable. Julius then announces to the crowd that he too has great expectation for the Royal Knights, which the captains think about how they will be entering the exam for the squad. As the crowd cheers for the Magic Emperor, Augustus curses Julius for his popularity.

After the ceremony Asta and Yuno meet with Julius and apologize for what happened. Julius then tells them that the Royal Knights will be a good chance for them to reach greater achievements and if he has their support.[5] Both Asta and Yuno says that Julius has both their support. Julius also says that Asta and Yuno has done great thing but they are still rookies, and that their will be great and capable magic knights coming out for the selection exam. Julius tells them to stay humble and keep pushing forward since he will be waiting for them, which Asta and Yuno says that they will do.

As Asta and Yuno leave, Asta says that he will enter the exam which Yuno tells Asta not to cry if he is the only one that gets in. Asta responds that he will not cry since he will pass and that White Night Eye will then be history. Asta then thinks about how he will have to first master his new power in order to get in. Suddenly both Asta and Yuno hear Leopold's name being call along with the Crimson Lion punch and calling Leopold a piece of shit. The captain then asks the squad how they had come in 5th place. She also says that she will kill them all and not given them the chance to be killed during a mission, which Asta thinks about how they just stepped into the beginning of a bloodbath.[6]


Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


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