Two New Stars 「二つの新星 Futatsu no Shinsei」 is the 105th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta is pumped that the ceremony is about to begin,[1] but is frustrated that he cannot get closer to the stage. Yami Sukehiro comments about how both Vanessa Enoteca and Charlotte Roselei are out cold, as Sol Marron tries to wake Charlotte up. Suddenly the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono appears before the crowd and announces that he will be presenting the awards this time and that the king will take the stage afterwards. Julius explains why they hold this festival and introduces the magic knight captain, including the two new captains, Mereoleona Vermillion and Kaiser Granvorka. As the crowd cheers, Julius wonders what happened with Yami and Charlotte.[2]

Julius begins the ceremony and announces that the Golden Dawn are in first place with 125 stars. Julius also introduces Yuno as the one who contributed the most towards the star acquisition. While the crowd, Mimosa Vermillion, and Klaus Lunettes are glad for Yuno, Alecdora Sandler and Langris Vaude are displeased by this.

As Julius begins to announce who is placed second, the crowd wonder if it might be the Crimson Lions, Silver Eagles, or Blue Roses.[3] Julius announces that the Black Bulls are in second place with 101 stars, which shocks everyone. The crowd wonders if the Black Bulls cheated, but Rebecca Scarlet and a little girl whom Asta saved vouch for them. Julius announces that the Black Bulls climbed up the ranks all at once and asks for the one of the members of the Black Bulls to come up since Yami is absent. The other members of the Black Bulls decide to let Asta take the spot, and Yami tosses Asta onto the stage. Asta summons the Demon-Slayer Sword and plunges it into the stage as he lands. Asta and Yuno then greet each other.[4]


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