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The Red Thread of Fate 「運命の赤い糸 Unmei no Akai Ito」 is the 100th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The cat jumps off of Vanessa's head, and she wonders why her magic took the form of a cat. Wondering if that power has awoken in Vanessa, the Witch Queen decides to test it out and has Asta attack Noelle Silva again. Vanessa yells out, "No!" The cat responds by jumping onto Asta's shoulder. Seeing this, the queen notices that nothing else is happening and declares that this is the punishment for going against her, and Asta beheads Noelle. Vanessa screams out, and the queen says that Vanessa's magic is incomplete and that Vanessa will be training under her to complete that magic.

Suddenly the queen notices that Noelle is perfectly fine, and thinks about how Noelle should have had her head cut off. She says that this is the punishment for going against her, and realizes that she has said that before. When Asta's attack lands below Noelle, the queen is shocked and wonders if she has made a mistake. As Asta prepares to stab Noelle, Vanessa yells for him to stop and the cat jumps onto his shoulder again. Asta then stabs Noelle, and the queen declares that it is over.[1]

Suddenly the queen notices that Asta has not stabbed Noelle yet, and when he tries, the Demon-Slayer Sword misses, which leaves the queen puzzled. She decides to have Asta attack Finral Roulacase instead, but the cat jumps onto Asta, who appears to cut Finral but actually misses. She decides to have him attack the cat, but it splits itself in half and touches Asta's head. The crossguard of his sword hits his head, dispelling the queen's control but knocking him unconscious.

The Witch Queen wonders if the cat is the power of fate and how it works. She compliments Vanessa on awakening her power and attempts to take control of Vanessa. While creating a large scythe of blood, the queen comments that she will take Vanessa's magic as her own, that such magic is fitting for her, and that fate is now her ally. As the queen attacks, the cat appears before her and touches her forehead. All of her spells abruptly disperse and she falls to the ground. She thinks about how it is impossible for her to miss and that there is nothing her perfect magic cannot control. Vanessa tells the queen that she does not fully understand this power she has, but she does know that this magic will only ally itself with those with whom she shares a bond of family, which the queen does not have.[2]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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