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The Boy's Vow 「少年の誓い Shōnen no Chikai」 is the 1st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


It has been quite a long time since a certain mage defeated the demon that was attacking humankind. That mage was, later on, known as the Wizard King. Many generations later, the Wizard King becomes a title bestowed to a mage elected by the people with the duty to protect the Clover Kingdom from any harm.[1]

Asta is a young orphan boy who lives in a church and dreams of becoming the next Wizard King. Unfortunately, many people around him doubt that this dream can come true because Asta lacks magic power. Asta is also compared to Yuno who possesses an extraordinary amount of magic power and the talent to manipulate it. Determined to prove his worth, Asta leaves to train his body every day to compensate for his lack of magical talent.[2]

That March, around the time when the firefly dandelion fluffs float around, the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony is held. It is a ceremony that awards 15-year-olds with a grimoire, but the ceremony awards nothing to Asta. On the other hand, Yuno receives a grimoire that has a four-leaf clover on the cover, which is similar to the grimoire that the first Wizard King received at his ceremony. Yuno declares to the crowd that he will become the next Wizard King while ignoring Asta's declaration of rivalry.[3]

In the evening, Yuno is confronted by Revchi Salik. Revchi reveals that he is a former member of the Magic Knights turned thief while stealing Yuno's grimoire. Despite still being shaken from the ceremony, Asta comes to his friend's aid, but is unable to hold his ground against Revchi, who is armed with a grimoire. As Revchi tries to bring down Asta's morale, Yuno reveals that his friend is also his rival. Yuno thinks about when Asta saved him from a thug when they were young, and how Asta gave him the courage to move forward. After hearing Yuno's true feelings, Asta regains his determination. At that moment, a tattered grimoire comes to him. From that grimoire, Asta draws a sword covered in dirt and uses it to defeat Revchi. At the end, Yuno accepts Asta's declaration of rivalry while remembering the promise they made in the past about becoming Wizard King.[4]



Magic and Spells used[]

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