Cesc 「セスク Sesuku」 is a member of Clover Kingdom's Azure Deer squad of the Magic Knights.[1]




At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Cesc salutes when Julius Novachrono addresses the gathered Magic Knights,[1] and is later placed on Team D with Willie and Adrian.[2] In their first match, Cesc sends out his Chase Jackals to stop Magna Swing, who is charging across the battlefield.[3] Kirsch Vermillion covers the battlefield in a blizzard of cherry blossoms and provides a path for Magna to Team D's crystal. Team C destroys the crystal, winning the match.[4]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Shakudo Magic: Cesc uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate shakudo.[3]


  • Grimoire: Cesc possesses a grimoire that contains various shakudo-based magic spells.[5]




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