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I haven't laid a single finger on your lifespan. It would dishonor my pride as a warrior if I shortened your lifespan and your breasts never grew to their full potential.

— To Noelle Silva in Black Market Bruce

Bruce 「ブルース Burūsu」 is an ancient magical entity inside a brooch that Dominante Code sells to Noelle Silva. He uses the last of his strength helping Noelle extinguish a village fire, so Noelle has the brooch reshaped and attached to the base of her wand.[1]


Noelle wand

Noelle's wand with the remnants of Bruce's brooch

The brooch Bruce inhabits is poorly crafted out of amethyst and shaped like a cat's head.[1]

After the brooch cracks, it is reformed into a jewel with an oval cut and attached to the base of Noelle's wand.[2]


Bruce is a perverted creature, often requesting to see women's breasts or to be pressed up against their bodies.

He only speaks and helps those who are hard workers since his power was abused by a past owner.[1]


The brooch is discovered in a dungeon. The woman who excavated Bruce is annoyed by his perverted requests and ignores him.

Over the subsequent several hundreds years, Bruce is passed around and ends up in Dominante Code's Black Market shop in Kikka. Vanessa Enoteca and Noelle Silva visit the shop in search of a magic tool to help Noelle control her magic power. Dominante suggests a wand or the brooch, and Noelle chooses the brooch for its cuteness.

During Noelle's training, Bruce begins speaking to her. She is initially put off by his perverted requests, but his magical coaching proves helpful. The two train for hours each day. On the morning of the sixth day, Noelle successfully hits and destroys a tree with minimal help from Bruce.

A request comes in for the Black Bulls to help extinguish a fire ravaging a village in the Forbidden Realm. Although Bruce is severely weakened due to the continual training, he assists Noelle in creating water streams to put out the fires. Bruce completely exhausts his magic, and cracks form all over the brooch. Noelle rushes to Dominante's shop in the hope that the craftswoman could repair him, but Bruce dies along the way.

Noelle has Dominante reshape the brooch and attach the resulting jewel to the base of a wand in memory of Bruce.[1]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Magic Power: Bruce can use his magic power to control and direct his handler's magic. Since he is a magic entity, he is reliant on mana to live, so overuse causes him to lose consciousness and complete exhaustion will kill him. Although he could steal the life force from his handler to restore his strength, he has chosen not to do so and his magic power has waned over the recent decades.[1]


Noelle Silva[]

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Rest assured; I haven't laid a single finger on your lifespan. It would dishonor my pride as a warrior if I shortened your lifespan and your breasts never grew to their full potential." 「もちろん、君の寿命にも手をつけていないから安心したまえ。これから成長していくおっぱいを犠牲こするな、武人としての恥だからな "Mochiron, kimi no jumyō ni mo te o tsukete inaikara anshin shita mae. Korekara seichō shite iku oppai o gisei kosuru na, bujin to shite no hajidakara na"[1]

Appearances in Other Media[]

In the manga, Noelle hears words of encouragement in a voice that she thinks is Bruce's,[3] and mentions Bruce after she manages to turn Sea Dragon's Roar.[4]

In the anime, Dominante asks Noelle about Bruce when some of the Black Bulls come to the market to protect Dominante.[5]


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