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Bow Nocde 「ボゥ・ノクデ Bou Nokude」 is an exiled commoner of the Clover Kingdom[1] and a member of the Devil Believers.[2] She works as an apothecary in Tiulyu.[3]


Bow is a slender woman with short, brown hair.

Bow wears a long-sleeved, beige shirt and a pair of dark grey pants.


Bow is a kind woman, but after the elves destroy her town, she becomes harsher and is willing to attack and abduct others for the sake of revenge,[2] as well as murder her own comrades when they threaten the group's objective.[3] She believes the Magic Knights have done nothing to protect her and is willing to go to extreme lengths to exact her revenge on them.


In Tiulyu, Bow treats an injury on Dazu Tayak's arm and offers to let her stay at her house, but Dazu refuses since her husband will return home soon.

A few days later, after the elves' attack on the Clover Kingdom, Bow brings a copy of the newspaper to Dazu, who lost her mother-in-law and husband in the attack, and has her read the article which accuses Asta and Secre Swallowtail of being a devil's servants and the ones behind the mass possession and destruction. When they hear that the trial's judgment is postponed for six months, Bow and Dazu approach one of the Magic Parliament's guards, Kabwe Carillon, and recruit him into their group of vigilantes, the Devil Banishers.

At the Black Bulls base, Bow stumbles out of the bushes and falls in front of Asta and Secre. She then uses a bottle to create a cloud of poisonous gas, which incapacitates the two Black Bulls. Noelle Silva interferes, and one of the vigilantes uses a root to whip Noelle's wand out of her hand. The vigilantes run off with their captives, but Noelle catches up and manages to knock down the man carrying Asta. Before Noelle can attack again, Kabwe turns himself and the others invisible, allowing them to escape with Secre.[2]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Plant Magic: Bow uses this magic attribute to manipulate plants. It allows her to quickly prepare the herbs that she uses in medicines.[1]


  • Expert Chemist: As an apothecary, Bow has collected a variety of difficult to obtain components and has expertise in creating various compounds, from healing salves to poisons.[2][3] She supplies the Devil Banishers with sleeping gases, explosives, mana-disrupting smokescreens, and self-ignitable solutions.[4]
  • Weak Magic Power: Bow has a low amount of mana, only enough to manage simple spells.[1] She and the other Devil Believers seek the power of devils.[3]


  • Grimoire: Bow possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various plant-based magic spells.[1]


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