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Blue Rose 「碧の野薔薇 Ao no Nobara」 is one of the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.


Like the other eight squads, Blue Rose follows the orders of the Wizard King and will act according to his requests.

The squad is mostly women, having the sharp motto of refusing the notion of worshiping or idealizing men. Instead, they seek to show the power and capacity of women. Despite their creed towards men, many of them secretly support the idea of having romantic relationships with men and, after Captain Charlotte Roselei admits her feelings for Yami Sukehiro, open up about their own relationships.[2]

The few male squad members serve as errand boys.[3]

Squad Robe[]

The squad's signature robe is a blue mantle with a hood. The front of the robe is split in the middle and held at the neck by a gold, rose-shaped button. The back of the robe is emblazoned with the squad's insignia.


Blue Rose is led by a captain with authority over the members of the squad.

Blue Rose
Former Members

Base of Operations[]

The Blue Rose's headquarters is a mansion-like structure in an unknown region of the Clover Kingdom. Inside, there is a courtyard with one section lowered. At its center is a round water fountain and facing a raised platform. This section is lined with rosebushes.[4]


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