• Optic Lens

    Previous Wizard Kings

    April 29, 2020 by Optic Lens

    The only Wizard Kings we know of are Lumiere and Julius. But what about the rest? What about Julius' predecessor? Did he die in battle, or did he just retire? It would be nice to know.

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  • Gabrico LPS & Black Clover

    Hi everyone,I'm actually at ep 85 of the anime and ch 135 of the manga Black Clover ,but I also look at other animes and manga .I like Tokyo Ghoul,The Promised Neverland,Boruto,Yatogame-can Kansatsu Nikki,My Hero Academia,Bleach and My roomate is a cat.This was just to talk about me a bit...I also have a youtube channel it's the same name of mine.My passion is todraw and my goal is to became mangaka,I also create my own manga it's called Destiny the principal characters are a girl named Akemi Natsuki and a cute little bat nmed Yuki(yeah I know,just like Tabata Yuuki...)but she is a female.I hope you will be able to enjoy my work soon,so ,on these words ,goodbye and I hope to see you soon!

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  • Rexgwakagvogoku

    is gauche taken?

    February 12, 2019 by Rexgwakagvogoku

    hi i'm wanting to make an  gaughe x reader fanfiction but i'm only on the episode where the black bulls try to fix astas arm and i need to know if gaughe any romatic intrests i read his back ground info on the episodes he was in and found nothing but i want to make sure he is singel if anyone knows then pleace tell me and it will be greatly apreaciated 

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  • AstraDatBoi

    What happen to several of the children after they drained of their mana? They cannot accept grimore now, cannot use their magic forever, or their mana is returned?

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  • Dragonus Nesha
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  • Unok


    January 3, 2016 by Unok

    Hi all. As Ddraig decided to step down (which was really surprising for me and will be missed a lot), the wiki is up for adoption and I decided to try and adopt it. Ddraig was doing amazing job maintaining this wiki, and I doubt I myself will be able to fully fill Ddraig place, so I will also be needing at least 1 or 2 more people to help out with things.

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  • Ddraig Lucifer
    Chapter 18: At the Back of the Treasury

    Hello guys, this is my first review ever about this series. I'm doing this because I think this week's chapter is so awesome that I need to talk about it. Unfortunately, none of my regular manga reviewers are tackling this manga just yet....

    The review: 3 Things that I got from this chapter:

    1. POWER UPS!!!

    Yuno is getting a new magic! Is it an entirely new magic or just a badass wind spell? I hope he got to use it in this arc. Because, I think Tabata is focusing too much on Asta and is kinda forgetting that Yuno is the prodigy of the series.
    I have been having mixed feelings about this dual protagonists stuff. Yuno is a great character but the main focus is Asta and his motley crews. It's like Game of Th…
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