The code of ethics over public discussion in Black Clover Wiki.

All Talk Pages

  • Do not delete or alter posts on any talk pages, whether they're yours or another user's.

Talkpage Discussions

  • Article Talk Pages must be used for discussing changes to the articles only. All general discussions must be fielded in a forum or blog.

User Talkpages

User talkpages belong to the community, they are not the property of the user. The talkpage is a place for other users to give the user messages, and ask questions and communicate when they have done something in conflict with what they have been doing, or are trying to settle a small issue.

For this reason, a number of restrictions are placed on what you can do to your own talkpage:

  • Do not remove old messages, the talkpage is the community's way of viewing the history of messages sent to you. This is an open public community where entire histories should be viewable.
    • If your talkpage is getting large or you want to clean up old messages, you are still free to archive the old ones. You may only archive resolved discussions.
  • Do not put up notices telling other users not to use your talkpage, or do other actions that hinder other users' abilities to send messages to you.
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