Series Poll

31 March, 2015

How did you find this series? Votes
Viz Shonen Jump 13
Mangahelpers 9
Anime News Network 3
2chan 2
Others 37
Total 64

30 April, 2015

How far do you think this series could go? Votes
Media Franchise (Movies, Games, etc.) 3
Anime Adaptation 42
Lesser Adaptation (Novel, VOMIC, etc.) 3
1st Anniversary 1
Unpredictable 4
Total 53

31 May, 2015

Why, do you think, William Vangeance wears a mask? Votes
Fashion choice 4
His face is scarred 6
He is Yuno's father 20
He is Yami Sukehiro's younger brother 5
I've got a whole other theory about this 5
Total 42

30 June, 2015

What do you think about the 2nd arc of the series? Votes
Luck is the highlight! 7
Yuno is underused, again.. 4
Mars should be an overarching villain 5
The females are being sidelined!!! 15
Klaus is a total dick 6
Total 37

31 July, 2015

Which one do you prefer as the reason for Asta's magical powerlessness? Votes
Sealed by someone 31
Stolen and used by someone 8
Side effect of an experiment 6
Born that way, i.e. no real reason 39
I've got a whole other theory about this 12
Total 96

31 August, 2015

Who, do you think, would have a better rivalry with Asta? Votes
Yuno 41
Leopold Vermilion 23
Leopold would have a better rivalry with Yuno 11
I'm not interested 5
I've someone else in mind 3
Total 83

30 September, 2015

What do you think of the series' male:female character ratio? Votes
He better starts adding more females!! 30
As long as they're good, I don't care 18
It's still a fairly new series 16
It's a shonen manga! 11
Never have concern about it 6
Total 81

31 October, 2015

What do you think about the 3rd arc of the series? Votes
Fuego Leon is the highlight!! 34
The villain is so one-dimensional 5
Yuno barely contributes to the arc 10
The Magic Emperor is a beast!!! 21
The Silvas are dicks 10
Total 80

30 November, 2015

Who do you think should be Asta's life partner at the end? Votes
Noelle Silva 438
Mimosa Vermilion 84
Yuno 206
A new character will be introduced 67
Total 843

27 April 2017

Which captain was Liar masquerading as? Votes
William Vangeance 9
Nozel Silva 2
Jack the Ripper 10
Charlotte Roselei 2
Lil Bowamoltie 60
Dorothy Ansoit 26
Total 109

19 July 2017

Which team will win the Crystal Destruction Tournament? Votes
Team B (Asta, Mimosa, Zax) 22
Team C (Kirsch, Magna, Sol) 4
Team E (Finral, Leopold, Jamon) 2
Team K (Klaus, Luck) 1
Team P (Noelle, Yuno) 12
Other team 2
Tournament will be interrupted 97
Total 143
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