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Fan Favorite Episodes
We asked the Black Clover anime fans what was their favorite episode? In 1st place we have:
Page 63: It's Nothing
Episode 63.png
In Episode 63, after finding himself in a strange space with a giant being, Asta awakens a new power - Black Asta, and faces Ladros.
2nd Place: Page 100: We Won't Lose to You
3rd Place: Page 80: Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother
4th Place: Page 119: The Final Attack
5th Place: Page 49: Beyond Limits
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June 12
Chapter 113 "Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament"
Episode 36 "Three Eyes"
Toonami - Episode 154 "Vice-Captain Langris Vaude"
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Latest Volume
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Volume 25 is HERE!!

Volume 25 of Black Clover covers the beginning of the war with the Spade Kingdom.

"The Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has launched an all-out attack on the Heart Kingdom and the Black Bulls. While Asta and company have gotten stronger, can they stand up to these new devil-possessed mages? This might be the perfect time for Yami to save the day!"

The 25th volume was published on May 4, 2021.

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Final Episode
Page 170: The Faraway Future
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Latest Chapter
Page 295: Revenge Match
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