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Black Bulls vs. Three Elves is a fight that occurs in the town of Hecairo.


As the Black Bulls charge towards the capital, Luck Voltia senses that there are elves in a town ahead of them. In Hecairo, the elves have turned the town into rubble, along with capturing citizens and defeating the Magic Knights. As the elves prepare to finish off all the humans, the possessed Xerx Lugner notices that something is heading towards them.[1]


The possessed Protobe Collina creates a giant earthen wall to block The Raging Black Bull's path. The base crashes through the wall, and Henry Legolant rearranges the base into Battle Style and attacks the elves, who all dodge out of the way. Vanessa Enoteca and Charmy Pappitson use their magic to protect citizens from falling rubble and to move them to safety, while Grey uses her Magic Convert spell to free captured citizens. Protobe and the possessed Risacca Ondell attempt to attack the Black Bull's base but their spells miss. Xerx attacks the base with Ice Slicer, but his spell also does not have any effect because Rouge is on top of the base, protecting it. Vanessa declares that she will make sure that the Black Bulls remain unscathed.[2]

Three large cannons appear from the base, and Magna Swing, Luck, and Gordon Agrippa fire spells out of them, with Henry increasing the spell's power and effectiveness with his knowledge of his squadmates. Xerx comments about how even through the Black Bulls are capable of dodging their attack, the citizens will not be so lucky. Before the elves complete a Compound Magic spell, Asta is fired from a cannon and crashes into the elves, pinning Xerx to a wall with his sword and forcing aside the other two elves.[3]


After Asta manages to exorcise the three elves, the three Magic Knights lie on the ground unconscious, while the Black Bulls celebrate their victory.[4]


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