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Black Bulls vs. Dante Zogratis is a fight that occurs nears the Spade Kingdom border.


As Finral Roulacase and Asta arrive at the Black Bulls base with snacks from the Heart Kingdom, they are greeted by Vanessa Enoteca, Grey, and Gauche Adlai. Finral remembers that the captain conference will be ending soon and heads out to go pick up Yami Sukehiro. After Finral leaves, Henry wakes up and informs the others that there is something wrong. They notice that their base is floating in the air.[1]


Dante Zogratis decides to play with them until Yami returns. Vanessa quickly sends out Rouge, and the base stops moving. Henry rearranges the base and attacks with his Mana Rocket Punch, while Gauche also attacks with his Large Reflect Refrain. Dante uses his Gravity Magic spell Presence of the Demon King to cause the spells to fall to the ground along with everything else around him.[2] Gauche comments about how powerful the spell was, while Vanessa says that they would have also been snapped in half if it were not for Rouge. Dante comments about how he likes how the Black Bulls have an arcane mage that can manipulate the natural law.

Asta attacks with a Black Slash, but Dante dodges it. Asta then charges at Dante and says that he will be fighting him. As Asta fires more Black Slashes at Dante, Dante tries to uses his Presence of the Demon King spell on the attacks, but it does not work. Dante dodges the attacks, and thinks about how Asta has negated his magic. As Dante uses his magic to have the fallen trees attack Asta, the trees miss and Dante thinks about how the spell that interferes with the natural law has activated again. Asta attacks, but Dante dodges and heads into the Black Bull base to find the owner of the spell Vanessa. Asta charges at Dante, but Dante uses his magic to cause Asta to fall to the ground. Dante comments about all of Vanessa's attributes and tells her to be his woman, Dante of the Dark Triad.[3] Gauche thinks about how Dante is one of the leaders of the Spade Kingdom.

Asta suddenly appears behind Dante in his Black Asta form. Dante gets away from Asta while commenting about how there was someone that was possessed by a devil in the Clover Kingdom. Asta attacks with his Black Divider spell, but Dante dodges it. Asta uses his Black Meteorite to chase Dante, but Dante uses his magic to keep himself away from Asta. Gauche comments about how they show use of a spell that Dante cannot avoid, and uses his Mirrors Brigade spell to create multiple Astas. All of the Astas attack with Mirrors Meteorite. Dante counters by using 50% of his power and uses his magic to warp space, to divert the attack. Asta wonders what happened.

Dante steps on Asta and forces him to the ground. Dante tells Asta that they should be able to see eye to eye since they are both possessed by a devil and explains how their dark emotions make them more human. Asta disagrees with him and says that it is his strong heart that makes him more human.[4] Dante says that Asta is a strange devil host and tries to kill him, but notices that Rouge is on Asta's back. Vanessa says that Dante will not be killing anyone while she is around. Dante tells her that she cannot use her power for anyone other than him. Dante increases his power to 60%, which causes Vanessa to expend all her magic and Henry loses control of the base. As Gauche, Vanessa and Grey are suspended in the air, Gauche thinks about how Dante is using his magic to pin them down. Dante then uses his Evil God's Pressure Craft to create a sword, and says that he will awaken Asta's true feelings as he pierces Gauche with his sword. Asta sees this and remembers someone calling him their son. Overcome with rage, Asta draws on more of the devil's power and attacks Dante. Dante dodges the attack and comments about how that is what make Asta more human.[5]

As Vanessa, Grey and Gauche fall to the ground, Vanessa thinks about how Asta's attack has negated Dante spell within the area. Asta starts to assault Dante, but Dante dodges by continuously warping space around him. Dante then asks his devil, Lucifero, about the devil within Asta since he cannot ask Asta right now. Lucifero says that Asta must be a low-level devil since he does not sense that it is the high-level devil Zagred.[6] Dante figures that Asta is no match for the Dark Triad, since they are all possessed by high-level devils, and uses his magic to lift large chunks of earth from the ground. Dante attacks with one of the chunks, but Asta easily destroys it. Vanessa sees that Asta's power is running wild, but they have to rely on him for right now. Vanessa then turns her attention to Gauche and thinks about how he will not last for long, while Grey is crying over Gauche and thinks about her Transformation Magic is useless. As Asta continues to charge at Dante, Dante uses his Evil God's Pressure Craft to create more swords, and attacks with them. Asta uses Black Hurricane to defend himself and also fire a Black Slash at Dante. Dante warps space to dodge the attack, but Asta predicts where Dante would dodge to, and manages to wound Dante's face.[7] Dante decides to get serious and start to use his Heavy Infighting spell to assault Asta.

On the ground, Grey thinks about how her family had treated her, how she met Gauche for the first time, and how he gave her hope in order to survive along with being able to meet him again. Grey then thinks about how she wants Gauche to look at her some more and uses her magic to heal him.[8] Suddenly, Asta falls to the ground. Dante sees what Grey has done and comments about how the Black Bulls have another arcane mage. Dante comments about how both Grey and Vanessa should both become his women, but suddenly a dark slash divides Dante from the others. As Dante notices Yami, Yami asks him what he is doing since nobody messes with his people.

Dante is glad to see Yami, along with the malice that Yami is giving off, but uses his Presence of the Demon King spell to force Yami and Finral to the ground. Yami manages to keep standing, but uses his Black Moon spell to create an area that negates the effect of Dante's spell.[9] Dante notices how the spell works and throws a boulder at Yami, who easily cuts it in half with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash spell. Dante use his Heavy Infighting Gladiator spell to create a sword and attacks Yami in close combat. As the two clash, each of them notices what the other are capable of. Dante is excited to see Yami's capabilities, and Yami asks if Dante is some kind of stalker. Dante says that he is after Yami because Yami is the key that links this world to the underworld. Dante then thanks Yami since he is now jealous of Yami for having so many people with unique magic around him. Dante also says that all of Yami's arcane mages now belong to him. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about since he let those guys in the Black Bulls because he liked them. Yami then condenses his Mana Zone, so when Dante attacks Yami from behind, Yami slashes Dante with Dark Cloaked Iai Slash and says that he will not give up a single one of them to a guy like Dante.[10]

As Yami comments about how his spell never misses, Dante laughs and uses a different magic spell to heal his wound.[11] Dante comments about how he excited and that nothing originally satisfy him his malice before. Dante also comments about Yami is the key that would open this world to be far more magnificent. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about, so Dante explains how he needs a Dark Magic and World Tree Magic users in order to create the magic channel, the Tree of Qliphoth, in order for the devils from the underworld to pour out and into this world.[12] As Dante laughs about this, Yami says that he will have to wipe Dante out right here.

Yami continues to injure Dante, and Dante continues to heal himself with the magic that he does not like. Dante gets excited and says that he will show Yami the true power of a devil host, to which Yami responds that he will show Dante the power of a regular human.[13] As Dante releases 80% of the devil's power, Yami comments about how that is Dante's limit. Dante explains how a devil's host cannot use all 100% unless they open a door to the underworld.[14] Dante then throws his Gravity Singularity spell at Yami. It obliterates everything around it, but Yami dodges it. Yami counters with his Dimension Slash, but Dante creates a second Gravity Singularity which warps the attack around him. Yami wonders what to do, and figures that he needs to attack at close range. As Dante blocks Yami path, Yami realizes that he need to attack with power since Dante can easily heal any cut. Yami then continues to dodge and blocks Dante's attacks until he figures something out. Dante manages to slam a chunk of earth on Yami, but Yami gets up and proclaims that he will surpass his limits. Dante says that Yami will not be able to defeat him, but Yami uses his Death Thrust spell to obliterate Dante's chest.

Dante laughs and starts to regenerate his body, while explaining how his original magic is Body Magic and that the devil's power boost his magic to the point where he is unable to die.[15] Dante then transforms into a monstrous form and comments about how he is grateful since he is able to go all out. Dante continues his assault but Yami dodges them all and then lands another Death Thrust spell. Dante heals himself again, and explains how Yami cannot defeat him and that there is no one that is capable of defeating him. Asta sees the fight and becomes frustrated that he is not able to do anything. Yami stop and says that he is not able to defeat Dante. Yami also says that he needs Asta's help. Asta calls forth his sword and quickly gets to Yami's side.

As Dante gets excited to face the two, Yami tells Asta to follow his lead which Asta agrees to. As the two charge, Dante tries to block their charge but the two easily break through. As Yami manages to continue to wound Dante, but Asta has trouble and needs Yami's help. Yami figures that Asta's Anti Magic is the key to winning this fight, while Asta thinks about how he is holding Yami back. Asta figures that he needs to all the power that he does not know about, and manages to meet with his devil. Asta asks the devil to lend him some of its power since he knows that the devil wants to defeat Dante, too. The devil replies that it will lend him power but will need to take control of a part of Asta's body. Asta explains how he wants to be someone that can come through for Yami before becoming the Wizard King.[16]

As Dante launches his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta uses the power of the devil to destroy the spell and proclaims that this is everything that he has right now. The devil explains the power that Asta is wielding is more powerful then the dribble that he was giving him and that Asta will only have fifty seconds to use it, to which Asta replies that that is long enough. Asta manages to land a hit. Dante notices that he cannot heal the wound that Asta landed on him, so he quickly forces Asta away, creates more arms, and creates swords for each hand. Yami notices that Dante is being cautious of Asta, and figures that they can win if Asta lands a blow on Dante with the power that is radiating from Asta's right arm. Yami decides to put more into the fight and attacks Dante. Finral watches the fight and notices that Asta and Yami seem like they are in sync, even through they are moving randomly, and that the two look like they are having fun.

Dante says that he will crush them and win. Dante then manages to knock Asta's sword away and makes sure that Asta cannot retrieve it. As eight seconds are left, Asta calls for his Demon-Dweller Sword but Dante blocks it before it can reach Asta. When Asta tries to draw out his Demon-Destroyer Sword, Dante stops it, too. As three seconds remain, Dante attacks Asta but Yami stops him with his Death Thrust. Dante says that he is indestructible and regenerates his wound while proclaiming that it is over. As one second remains, Yami passes his katana to Asta, who grabs and imbues it with Anti Magic. Asta manages to land a slash on Dante, who falls to the ground. Dante's transformation is nullified, and a large gash stretches across his torso.[17]


As Asta collapses, Yami catches him and compliments him on a job well done. Yami then gives Asta to Finral, and heads over to Dante to seal him with a spell. Suddenly Zenon appears and retrieves Dante, while also capturing Yami. Zenon notices Asta and tries to kill him, but Finral uses his magic to divert the attack. Zenon notices that it is time to leave and opens a portal. The Black Bulls try to stop Zenon, but Zenon easily counters all their attacks. Asta tries to get more power from his devil, but the devil says that Asta is too weak to handle any more of its power. Zenon then takes Yami through the portal, which shocks the members of the Black Bull.[18]


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