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The Black Bulls Beach Party is an event where members of the Black Bulls enjoy the beach at Raque.


The Black Bulls head to Raque for a mission from the Wizard King but decide to have some fun at the beach.[1]

Black Bulls Beach Party[]

As the Black Bulls enjoy the beach, Finral has Grey become his wingman in order to pick up some women. Magna gets excited about swimming in a fundoshi that Captain Yami wear, but Luck decides to lite it on fire. As Magna yells about how he is on fire, Gauche tells Magna to shut up as he is showing Marie that beach. As Gauche tells Marie that he will take her to the beach one day, Marie suddenly sees Asta and says that she wants to go to the beach with Asta. After hearing what Marie had said, Gauche instantly attacks Asta. Vanessa is enjoying a beverage while Nero is sitting next to her. As Charmy is trying to hit the watermelon, which Vanessa and Grey are giver her directions, Charmy goes to hit the watermelon but instead hits Asta. As Asta yells at Charmy for hitting him, but suddenly notices that Grey has transformed into him and says how Grey should use their magic for something more useful. Asta suddenly asks why Gordon is not here, which someone explains how Gordon does not like the sun so he stayed behind.[2]

Noelle thinks about how she had bought the bikini she is wearing to have Asta look at her, and going to asks what he thinks about it but notices that Asta is just training on the beach. Noelle goes to attack Asta for not looking at her but suddenly hit Magna instead. Magna yells at Noelle for not being able to control her magic, but Noelle replies that she can only use defensive spell without her wand. Sekke suddenly arrives at the beach with two over his friends, and advises his friends to go hit on some women. Sekke's friends go and hit on Noelle and Vanessa, but Noelle tells them to get lost. As Sekke remembers Noelle, he suddenly notices the other members of the Black Bulls and is hit by their rampage.[3]


As Vanessa comments about how this vacation is the best, Asta remembers that they are here to find the magic stones but Yami suddenly appears and kicks Asta for having fun like the rest. Yami then buries them in the sand and explains how in order to reach the grand magic zone, they will have to wait until the full moon for when the zone is weakened.[4] Asta, Charmy, Magna, and Luck are then shocked that Captain Yami was actually doing some real work, which Yami says that he is going to kill them for thinking that.


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