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Beelzebub 「ベルゼブブ Beruzebubu[1] is a highest-ranking devil connected to the Tree of Qliphoth and one of the three rulers of the underworld, residing on the lowest level.[2] Beelzebub has contracted with Zenon Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[3]

Prior to Judgment Day, Lucius Zogratis incarnates the devil in Lily Aquaria, transforming her into a Paladin.[4]


Beelzebub square

Beelzebub's face

Beelzebub is a large black figure with pointy ears, two wings, four horns—two small upward-pointing horns and two larger horns that curved outward and up—and hair that reaches down the neck and splits into strands. Fur covers the devil's chest and shoulders.



Beelzebub, alongside Lucifero and Astaroth, rules over the underworld from the lowest level. At some point, Astaroth disappears from the underworld and its place is taken by Megicula.[5]

After the death of his friend, Zenon Zogratis makes a contract with Beelzebub to become a devil host.[6]

During Zenon's attack on the Golden Dawn base, Beelzebub appears looming over Yuno Grinberryall when Zenon draws on 55% of the devil power to overwhelm the vice-captain.[3]

Days later, the first gate to the underworld opens, allowing Zenon to draw on 100% of his devil power.[7] Later, Yuno's Spirit of Euros shoots an arrow through Zenon's chest,[8] so Zenon offers to make a deal with Beelzebub:[1] his body and soul in exchange for a devil's heart. Beelzebub agrees, effectively transforming Zenon into a devil.[9]

After Lucius Zogratis ventures into the underworld and takes control of the remaining highest-ranking devils, Lucius incarnates and purifies Beelzebub inside Lily Aquaria.[4]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Immense Magic Power: As a highest-ranking devil and a ruler of the underworld, Beelzebub possesses tremendous magic power and is so strong that a portion of its power can easily overwhelm a Stage Zero-ranked, spirit-possessed mage of the Clover Kingdom.[3]



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