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The Battle of Clover Castle is an attack on the Clover Kingdom's royal families by the reincarnated Elf Tribe.


As the elves head towards the Clover Castle, Augustus is having a meeting with the Vaude Family about Langris being a traitor.[1] Suddenly a servant comes in and informs the king about magic being used close to the capital, which the king yells for him to shut up and what the Magic Knights are doing.

Battle of Clover Castle[]

At the gate to the Clover Castle, the elves arrive and are confronted by the Castle Knights. As the Castle Knights deny the elves entrance into the castle, Ratri decides to attack. The Castle Knights manages to dodge and launches spells in order to arrest them for being rebels. Kivn uses her Willful Compass spell to divert all the spell. Ratri, Kivn, and Baval each head into one of the three residences of the Clover Castle with a group of elves, while leaving some elves to deal with the Castle Knights.

Finral and Yami notice what his happening at the Clover Castle and head over there using one of Finral's portals. As they arrives, they notices that four elves have defeated the Castle Knights. Suddenly a slashing attack happens, which Jack appears and comments about how he knew the ones worthy of slashing would be here.[2] As Jack and Yami decide to charge towards the elves, the elves prepare to take both captains on. Jack attacks an elf but it does nothing, which the elf says that Jack will not be able to cut his magic. Jack and Yami then defend themselves against the elves attack, which Finral, who is getting the Castle Knights to safety, thinks about how the captains are having a tough time. Yami tells Jack that its about time that he get serious, which Jack agrees and prepares to attack. As the elf says that Jack's magic is useless, Jack suddenly cuts through the elf's magic and thinks about how he had changed his blade's properties to match his enemies.[3] As an elf is distracted by this, Yami takes this chance to knock him out with his Dark Cloaked Avidya Blunt Strike. The last two elves manage to launch spells from behind Jack and Yami, but Finral uses his portal to transport the two behind the elves. Yami and Jack then use this chance to knock the last two elves out. After the fight, Jack and Yami get into an argument about Jack borrowing Finral.

Inside of the Silva Residence, Kivn is attacking all of the humans and is disgusted when one of the humans uses another human as a shield. In the tower that Solid is healing in, Solid is complaining about Noelle which Nebra tells Solid that he was careless for losing to Noelle. As Nebra wonders what is with all that noise, when Kivn burst into the room. Solid asks what she is doing here, which Kivn replies that she is here to kill them. Nebra says that Kivn should not run her mouth like that, and creates clones of herself. Kivn uses her Useless North spell to easily locate and wound Nebra. As Solid says that he will not let this slide, Kivn says that Solid does not understand that all that humans will be kill today.

Outside of the castle, the elves base arrives at the castle which Finral, Jack, and Yami notice that there are powerful enemies in the stronghold. Suddenly Nozel along with other members of the Royal Knights arrive.[4] After a brief talk among the each other, they all decide to head into the castle. Yami, Jack, and Finral head into the Kira Residence, Kirsch, En, and Mimosa head into the Vermilion Residence, and Nozel, Noelle, and Zora head into the Silva Residence.[5]

As Nozel, Noelle, and Zora head into the Silva Residence, Zora decides to split from the two which Nozel lets him. As Nozel and Noelle head deeper into the residence, they are suddenly attacked, but Nozel easily captures the elf. Nozel notices that the strongest of the elves is inside of the tower, which Noelle thinks about how that is where Solid is. Inside of the tower, Kivn launches a spell to kill Solid but Nozel bursts in and blocks the spell. Noelle fires her Sea Dragon's Roar spell but Kivn uses her Willful Compass spell to divert the attack. Nebra uses her Bewildering Forest of Mist spell to buy time for the group, but Kivn uses her Another Atlas spell to disturb the mana within the area.[6] Kivn manages to wound Nozel, which Nozel tells Solid to not panic when her starts too. Kivn continues to launch spells at the siblings, which Nozel and Noelle wonder what to do. Noelle decides to flood the area with Nozel protecting them all. Kivn quickly releases the barrier, which Nozel takes this chance to wound Kivn.

After the area is no long flooded, Nozel apologizes to Noelle and explains why he was so terrible to her.[7] Nozel then says that they need to get Nebra medical attention, when he is suddenly attacked. Kivn puts up another Another Atlas but on a bigger scale so that they cannot drown her. Noelle thinks about how she has to protects her siblings, and comes up with creating an armor and weapon to combat Kivn. As Kivn continues her assault, Noelle easily dodges and rushes towards Kivn. Kivn tries to distance herself and fires more spells at Noelle. Noelle manages to continues her rush towards Kivn while dodging her spells. Nozel notices Noelle, and thinks about their mother. Noelle manages to reach Kivn and attacks which Kivn uses her Willful Compass spell to block Noelle's attack. Kivn prepares to finish Noelle off, but Noelle manages to pierce through Kivn's shield and defeat her.[8]

Noelle then tells Solid to get their siblings some medical attention, but notices that they are surrounded. An elf fires a spell at Solid for what they did to Kivn, but Zora shows up and reflects to spell back at elf, along with defeating the elf. Zora then drops the servant he had brought in order for him to heal the wounded. The servant tells Solid to bring Nozel to him, but Solid does not do anything. As Zora starts to mock Solid for not being able to protect his family, Nozel remembers talking to his mother and how she wanted him to protect his siblings.[9] As Noelle tells Zora to stop mocking Solid, Nozel gets up, after fortifying his body with his mercury, and says that Zora is right.

Nozel says that they will continues to fight, which Zora uses his Revelation of the Cowardly spell to let Noelle and Nozel see where he set his traps. Nozel then uses his mercury to help Noelle, along with attacking the elves. As two of the elves get caught in Zora's traps, Noelle takes the chance to defeat them. As two of the elves get behind Noelle and Nozel, Noelle and Nozel fire spells at the elves but the spell miss their mark. The spell manage to hit some of Zora's traps and are reflected back to defeat the elves.

Inside of the Vermilion residence, Kirsch, Mimosa, and En are using their magics to locate where the elves are along with disorient them, while letting all the humans escape.[10] Suddenly Baval shows up and introduces himself to the three. Baval tells the three that they should give up since the elves are more powerful and that they are more other the elves outside. As Mimosa replies that they will not give up, which Baval responds that one of their strongest is heading to the king and that their will be no survivors.

Inside of the Kira Residence, Ratri is attack everyone in the throne room. Augustus uses a spell to get Ratri to bow down to him, but Ratri easily destroys the spell. Finnes tries to get Ratri to stop, but Ratri pushes her away and attacks her. Finral shows up and blocks the attack. Jack and Yami suddenly shows up and comments about how they have defeated the other elves. As Ratri wonders how they defeated the others, which Jack and Yami use Finral's portal to get close to Ratri. As Jack and Yami prepare to attack Ratri, Ratri's magic defends him by destroying the two captain's attack. Finral creates a portal for the others to escape, but Finral's father tells Finral that there is nothing he can do against Ratri's ultimate shield. Finral replies that none of that matters since he will save his brother, which Yami tells Finral's father to not look down on Finral before tossing Langris's parents through the portal. Finnes tells Finral to be safe before leaving through the portal. Augustus about how he is not given a portal to escape, which Ratri destroys the portal before Augustus can enter it. Jack uses a spell to cut a hole in the wall behind Augustus, which Augustus uses to escape.[11]

Ratri is angered by this and launches a spell at the three, which Finral tries to counter with his spell. As Finral is being over powered, He tells the captains that they will have to dodge the attack. The captains manage to dodge the attacks, and try to counterattack but it does not work. Ratri continues to attack but the captains continue to dodge. Yami thinks about what they need to do in order to defeat Ratri, and figures that they will need Jack's blade to adapt to Ratri's magic first. As Jack manages to cut through Ratri's magic, the captains attacks Ratri and manage to break through Ratri's defense. Ratri is angered by this and use his spell to force the two captains out of the room. Ratri then turns to Finral and manages to wound Finral with his spell. As Ratri goes to finish Ratri off, the two captains suddenly appear. Ratri thinks about how Finral tell himself be wounded in order to summon his allies, but says that it does not matter.[12]

As Ratri says that he is faster then the captains, which Jack cuts through Ratri's attack and explains that he gets faster the more he cuts.[13] Yami then tries to knock Ratri out, but this just makes Ratri anger and go berserk. As Yami wonders what they should do now, which Finral says that they will do nothing since its already over. Finral create a portal and use a spell to transport Ratri right by him. Finral then knocks Ratri out, but falls unconscious afterwards. Yami compliments Finral on doing a good job, even if he stole the show in the end.

Yami senses that there are a lot of powerful foes in the stronghold, and wonders what the other Magic Knights are doing since they will defeat them all before the others arrive. Suddenly a dark castle appears, which Baval explains how it is the Shadow Palace and what its used for.[14] Baval also explains that once the final magic stone is put into place, the elves while be fully reincarnated while the humans will head on to the afterlife. Kirsch attacks Baval, but Baval use his magic to stop Kirsch attack. Baval then heads to the elves' base, while telling them to give it their best shot even through it is useless.


As Yami and Jack discuss what to do about that Shadow Palace, elves descend from their base intent on killing the humans. As Yami, Jack, Zora, and Noelle wonder what to do, the Black Bulls Base appears through a portal and attack the elves.[15]


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