Attacking the Eye of the Midnight Sun Base is an event where the Royal Knights attack the White Night Eye's base.


As the members of the Royal Knights assemble, Mereoleona informs them that she is appointed the captain of the Royal Knights.[1] As Mereoleona sees that they are still missing one member, Zora suddenly appears and reveals who he really is. At the White Night Eye's base, Liar awaken from a dream of his past and comments about how the awakening will happen soon.

Back at the Royal Knights assembly, Asta is causing a commotion about Zora when Mereoleona informs them that they are going to be giving them their magic robes now. After all the members receive their robes, Mereoleona informs them that Siren Tium, Cob Portaport, and Nozel Silva will be joining the Royal Knights even through they didn't take the exam.[2] As the king Augustus tells them that they will need the strength of royalty in the Royal Knights, Mereoleona interrupts and informs them that the only thing that they need to do is achieve victory. Mereoleona then informs the Royal Knights that the White Night Eye's base is at the Gravito Rock Zone.[3]

Attacking the White Night Eye Base

As the Royal Knights are transported to the Gravito Rock Zone, Mereoleona inform the knights how dangerous the zone is. Nozel then has Siren create a model of the base and where every member is located. After seeing where the White Night Eye's members are located, Mereoleona informs the members that they will be splitting up into groups.

Inside of the base, a member of the White Night Eye is about to torture a women when Luck crashes through and defeats the guy. As the rest of the Royal Knights enter the base, they all remember how Mereoleona told them to run wild in order to defeat the enemy.[4] As the White Night Eye prepares to counter the assault, both Mereoleona and Nozel easily defeat the members and continue on. Elsewhere in the base, Liar prepares to go face the Royal Knights while an eye appears on his forehead.

As the Royal Knights continue to head deeper into the base, they manage to easily defeat all of the White Night Eye's members in their way. When a second Asta appears within Mereoleona's group, Mereoleona use her flames to incinerate both Asta. As the real Asta counters the flame with his Anti-magic, the second Asta uses his magic to counter the flames and reveals himself to be Liar.[5]

As Liar and Mereoleona start to fight, Liar uses one of Yami's spells but Mereoleona easily counters it with a punch. Mereoleona then easily closes the distance and engulfs Liar in flames with a punch. Liar quickly escapes and uses magic to douse the flames and heal himself. Liar then launches one of Licht's spells at Mereoleona but Mereoleona easily counters and destroys the spells. Mereoleona closes the distance and attacks, but Liar uses one of Gueldre's spell to dodge. Liar then attacks with a water spell, but Mereoleona counters and widens the distance. Liar continues his attack with multiple of Fana's spells, but Mereoleona counters them all while closing the distance. Zora who is watching figures that all of the rumors about Mereoleona are true and even manages to figure out how Liar's magic works.[6] As Mereoleona gets close, Liar decides to use one of Asta's spells while thinking about how he will kill every last human. Mereoleona easily breaks through the spell and comments about how Liar can only imitate Asta's magic. As Liar figures out that Mereoleona is capable of using Mana Zone, which Mereoleona engulfs Liar with a barrage of flaming punches. As Liar thinks about how he can't do anything, he accepts that he is done for.

A Yuno's location, Yuno easily defeats member of the White Night Eye which Mimosa figures that Yuno can uses Mana Zone. As Yuno's group continues to head further in, Yuno suddenly hears something is pulsing.[7]

As Mereoleona continues to assault Liar, Liar acknowledges Meroeoleona's strength. Liar decides to self-destruct and take Mereoleona with him. As Liar waits for an attack to land, Asta notices what Liar is doing and attacks with his Anti-magic sword. Asta explains how he has already seen two of Liar's comrades trying to self-destruct, and tells Liar to stop throwing his life away while punching him too.[8] Asta then asks about their revenge against humanity even through they are humans too. Asta also asks to here their story since he will tell them his, and that they can't die until that happens.

Mereoleona gets angry because Asta had butted in on her fight and gabs Asta. Mereoleona tells Asta that the White Night Eye has not intention of understanding them, and that they have to crush them here. Asta replies that they can understand the White Night Eye since they are human too. Asta also explains how he wants to create a land where everyone can laugh and smile together when he is the Magic Emperor.[9] Liar hears Asta, and thinks about how Asta said the same thing that someone from long ago said. Liar then comments about how its too late for them to stop now.

Elsewhere, Licht and Valtos appear before that stone tablet that has the magic stone on it. At the White Night Eye's base, Yuno's group reaches the central and find that someone is floating in the center of the room.[10] At Licht's location, Licht is about to place the final Magic Stone into the Tree of Life Monument, when he tells the ones that are with him that he has lied to them. Licht then expresses how he truly feels about them, and puts the final stone in the monument. At the Monument begins to glow, the light reaches all the way to the White Night Eye's base. Once the light reaches the base, the person in the center room wakes up. Mimosa tells the others that they have to retreat but notices that Yuno is glowing.

As Patry manages to use the Tree of Life Monument, the members of the White Night Eye all begin to die and resurrect the elves.[11] As Asta wonders what is going on, Liar comments about how the time is up for the humans. As Mimosa wonders what is going on since Klaus, Yuno, and Jamon have changed, Klaus tells Mimosa to not talk to them since she is not one of them. At Noelle's location, Noelle and Kirsch wonders what had happened to both Luck and Ben. Ben and Luck greet each other, and Luck decides to handle Noelle and Kirsch since they are human. Luck attacks Noelle but misses, which Kirsch puts up a barrier and tells Noelle to prepare for battle. Noelle quickly puts up a barrier, but Luck easily breaks through both barriers. Noelle and Kirsch wonders what had happened to Luck, which Luck notices that both Noelle and Kirsch are royalty.

At Asta location, Liar tells Asta that he believed Asta but also says that he will kill him to make sure that same mistake doesn't happen again.[12] Liar then attacks with two different spells, which Mereoleona manages to destroy. Mereoleona tells Asta that the elves don't have any plans to coexist, which Asta replies that he will win and create a new path. Mereoleona says that if Asta takes to long, then she will just destroy them herself. Mereoleona then attacks Liar, but Liar easily dodges with spatial and light magic. Liar attacks Asta and Mereoleona, and manages to hit them. As Zora wonders what to do, Rill comes in with a creature he had created. Rill greets and hugs Liar, which Asta asks Rill when he became friendly with Liar. Rill asks who Asta is, while introducing himself as Lira.[13] As Mereoleona and Zora thinks about what is going on, Asta informs Lira that they are friends and fellow Magic Knights. Lira says that he would never be friends with a human and attacks with a spell. Zora counters by activating a trap spell that stops the attacks and paralysis the elves. As Lira comments that they can still sense mana, but Zora says that they are fight someone with on mana. Asta attacks and manages to destroy the creature that Lira created. Asta then lands a hit on Lira, as Lira is escaping. As Asta thinks that the spell will be undone but nothing happen. Asta and Zora notices that nothing is happening, which Liar says that the bodies are now fully theirs.[14]

Suddenly three more elves arrive, and tells Lira to stop wasting time. Zora notices how powerful the three are and says that they have to retreat. Liar says that they won't be able to escape, while he and Lira prepare to attack. Mereoleona destroys a wall and tosses both Asta and Zora through it. Mereoleona then tells the two that they can head back first, and blocks the hole. As Liar and Lira launch their spells, but Mereoleona easily destroys them. Liar comments about how Mereoleona sacrificed herself to let the other two escape, but Mereoleona replies that the other two would get in the way since she is going to kill them.[15] Liar comments about how Mereoleona can sense the difference in their abilities and that he will be heading after Asta once they finish with her. Mereoleona attacks Liar, but Liar easily dodged. Mereoleona says that they can head after Asta once they defeat her, which Liar says that they will settle this soon.

outside of the room, Asta says that they have to get back into the room but Zora says that they have to escape. Asta tries to convince Zora that they have to head back, but Zora says that they would be killed if they went back and would also be wasting the chance that Mereoleona gave them.[16] Paulie gives Liar a pair of wings, and then uses a spell to attack Mereoleona. Mereoleona starts to counter Paulie's spell, when Lira attacks with a spell. As Lira is confidence that Mereoleona won't be able to burn his spell, which Mereoleona starts to attack the spell. Liar uses a spell to make sure that the spell will hit, which Mereoleona notices that something is wrong. Mereoleona notices that Fragil is using a spell, which Fragil explains how the spell will put Mereoleona to sleep in do time. Suddenly Ruben attacks and manages to seal Mereoleona with a large clump of sand, while also introducing himself as Rossa. Mereoleona easily breaks out and plans to kill Rossa as the captain of the Crimson Lion squad. Liar suddenly appears and proclaims that he won't let his comrades be killed again. Liar manages to wound Mereoleona, and Paulie assaults her with another spell. As Liar bids Mereoleona farewell when he is suddenly attacked but manages to block it. Mereoleona tells the elves to try to kill her since they want to kill humans, which Liar wonders if Mereoleona is human and how troublesome she is.[17]

Mereoleona continues to attack but is blocked and slammed into the ground. Liar compliments Mereoleona for still being able to stand after receiving so many attack, but this is enough and that fight will have to come to an end. Mereoleona says that Liar is right and that she will finish this with her ultimate spell, while releasing her mana. Mereoleona uses a spell that incinerates the entire room, but the elves manage to survive.[18] Liar comments about how Mereoleona refuses to be defeated since Mereoleona has passed out while standing. Suddenly Mereoleona wakes up and tells the elves to finish this now. The elves decide to combine their magic for a single spell. Suddenly Asta and Zora enter the room, which Liar says that it was a foolish choose. In a flashback, Asta manages to convince Zora to go help Mereoleona, and even comes up with a plan to face the elves. As the elves launch their spell, Zora uses a trap spell to absorb the elves spell. Zora then launches the spell at Asta, who uses his sword to reflect it back at Zora. Zora begins to absorb the spell again but notices that the magic circle is breaking apart. Asta gets behind the magic circle and sends the spell towards the elves. As the spell hits the elves, Asta grabs Mereoleona and leaves with Zora. As Asta and Zora are escaping with Mereoleona, Liar suddenly appears and grabs a hold of Asta. Asta gives Mereoleona with Zora, and lets Liar take him.

At Licht's chamber, Mimosa has been captured by the elves.[19] As Mimosa wonders what has happened to her comrades, which the elves thank about how Yuno has not fully reincarnated. Suddenly Liar drops Asta into the room, which Asta notices Mimosa. As Asta plans to free Mimosa, the elves stop him from doing it. The elves attack Asta, who manages to block the spells. Asta tells the elves that they are comrades, but the elves says that their hatred is strong then Asta's bonds. The elves launch another attack and manages to wound Asta. Liar comments about how Asta will die from protecting his friend, then they will be able to get his grimoire and sword. Asta proclaims that he will not die since he will become the magic emperor, which Yuno reacts to it. The elves attacks again but the spell is destroyed by Yuno. Yuno then tells Asta that he will be the one to become the Magic Emperor.[20]

As Asta asks if Yuno is himself, the elves says that Yuno is one of their comrades. Liar thinks about the situation and how Licht and Yuno will take some time before them are fully awaken. Yuno says that he understands the situation and that he is the magic knight Yuno.[21] The elves decide to erase Yuno by attacks both Asta and Mimosa, but Yuno easily blocks the spells. Yuno tells the elves to get out his comrades body, which the elves replies that they will use their full strength from now on. Yuno tells Asta to rest since he will handle it, but Asta replies that he won't let Yuno handle this on his own. The elves decide to combine their magic for a single powerful spell and charge at Asta and Yuno. Asta and Yuno enter their forms and destroy the elves spell.[22]

Licht notices this and saves the elves. After putting the elves on the ground, Licht grabs his sword which restores the sword. As Yuno and Asta prepares for combat Licht, Licht easily closes the distance. Licht takes Asta's Demon-dwelling Sword and restores it.[23] Licht swings his sword a couple of times and manage to launch both Asta and Yuno into the wall. As Asta is wounded and can't get back up, Yuno launches a spell at Licht. Licht absorbs the spell and launches back at Yuno. As Yuno manages to dodge the attack, Licht continues his assault on Yuno. Yuno decides to attack Licht from behind using Mana Zone, but Licht easily absorbs the spell. Asta and Yuno then take the chance to attack Licht.[24] Licht manages to block both Asta and Yuno's attacks but loses one of his swords in the process. Asta gets a hold of Licht's sword, but Licht points the Demon-dwelling Sword at Asta and Yuno. Licht then fires a blast that launches Asta, Yuno, and Mimosa outside of the base.[25]


As Rhya comments about the that blast destroyed the grimoire and swords, Licht replies that the grimoire and swords no longer belong to him. Suddenly Ado appears and uses spacial magic to teleport all the elves to the central room. The elves then move their base to meet up with their other comrades and destroy the humans.

Outside of the base Asta, Yuno, and Mimosa meets up with Zora and Mereoleona, who is still unconscious. Nozel and En show up and explain what had happened and how they were able to escape. Nozel hears how Asta helped Mereoleona, and uses an artifact to heal the wounded. Noelle and Kirsch come down from up above and explain what had happened to them. Suddenly Nozel is contacted by his squad and is told what is happening in the kingdom.[26] As Nozel says that they will have to kill their fellow magic knights to save the kingdom, but Noelle says that they don't have to do that. Noelle explains how Luck let them escape even though Luck was taken over. Noelle also says that they are magic knights and that they will save their kingdom along with their comrades. The Royal Knights then head out to save their kingdom and comrades.


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