Asta vs. Valtos is a fight that occurs in a cave outside of Nairn.


Asta is shocked when Yami tells him that Asta is going to counter like he was doing.[1] Yami reveals that Asta is just going to copy how he is defending by using Ki. Yami also reveals what Ki and how he uses it. Valtos is angry that Yami is talking while fight and offers to help Licht.[2] Licht says that he doesn't need help and that he wants Valtos to get Asta, which Valtos agress too. Valtos attacks Asta but Yami counters it. Yami then tells Asta to surpass his limits and fight Valtos.[3]


The fights begins when Asta tries to counter Valtos's attack but misses and gets hit. Yami hits Asta and tells him to use all five senses to use Ki.[4] Asta then concentrates and manages to reflect Valtos's attack back and hit him. Licht is angry and uses a spell to destroy the cave and bury Asta and Yami. Valtos compliments Licht's power, but Asta and Yami suddenly pop out of the rumble.

When Yami and Licht continue fighting, Valtos tries to help out and attack Yami.[5] Yami counters the spell and tells Asta to defeat Valtos. Asta charges at Valtos but Valtos surrounds Asta with portal and attacks with a brigade. Asta begins to counter Valtos's brigade but notices that some are still hitting him. Valtos continues to attack, when Asta decides to toss his swords away. Valtos then opens another portal which Asta jumps through and defeats Valtos with a punch.[6]


Yami then compliments Asta for his win.[7] When Licht decides to end the fight with a powerful spell, which Asta tells him to not underestimate Yami. Yami tells Asta that the spell is too powerful, and thinks that he might just wait a few seconds on what to do.[8]


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