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Asta vs. Valtos is a fight that occurs in a cave outside of Nairn.


Yami Sukehiro tells Asta to counter like he was doing, but Asta does not believe he can. Yami explains ki and how he uses it in combat. Angry at Yami for talking mid-fight, Valtos offers to help Licht, so Licht orders him to capture Asta. Valtos opens a portal behind Asta and fires a Magic Bullet through it, but Yami blocks the attack and orders Asta to fight Valtos and to surpass his limits.[1]


Not really understanding, Asta concentrates and holds his swords at the ready. Valtos opens another portal behind Asta, and although Asta hears it and hits the bullet with the Demon-Dweller Sword, most of the attack still hits his leg. Yami then kicks him for reacting to the sound instead of the ki.

After Yami threatens him, Asta concentrates again and manages to sense the portal opening. He swings the Demon-Slayer Sword, reflecting the bullet back through the portal and into Valtos's chest. Angered by seeing his subordinate injured, Licht lashes out and destroys the cave, attempting to bury Asta and Yami, but the Black Bulls use ki-sensing to dodge most of the rubble and survive with minimal injuries.[2]

Asta punches Valtos

Asta leaps through a portal and punches Valtos.

While Yami and Licht continue fighting, Valtos tries to help out and attacks Yami. The captain blocks the bullets and reprimands Asta for not handling Valtos yet. As Asta charges at him, Valtos opens multiple portals around Asta and fires bullets through them. Asta knocks them aside, but as the barrage continues, Asta tires and more attacks get through his guard. Asta then throws his swords away and waits for Valtos to open a new portal. Valtos creates a large opening to send a more powerful attack, but Asta jumps through it and punches Valtos in the face.[3]


Valtos is sent crashing into a rock and falls unconscious.[4] Yami pretends to be distracted by Asta's victory so that he can lure Licht into a trap.[5]


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