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Asta vs. Sekke Bronzazza is a fight that occurs during the Magic Knights Entrance Exam as part of their combat test.


During the Magic Knights entrance exam, Sekke Bronzazza approaches Asta and starts hanging around him, believing that surrounding himself with examinees with lesser ability would elevate his skills in front of the captains. He chose Asta to play the role, having seen his efforts on trying to get the broom up in the air. As the exam moves on, Sekke performs well on all the tasks required, whereas Asta is unable to perform any of them.[1]


At the end of the exam, William Vangeance announces the final test would be a combat test. Sekke immediately asks Asta to be his partner for the test. While Asta feels grateful for Sekke's decision, the latter quickly reveals his true intentions and begins to throw various insults towards Asta while revealing his plan after being accepted into a squad. Asta remains silent as he is still in shock of the revelation of Sekke's true intention.[2]

Asta defeats Sekke

Asta defeats Sekke.

The fight begins as Sekke activates his spell. Subsequently, Sekke confidently asks Asta to throw the first attack, which Asta gladly accepts. Asta swiftly dashes toward Sekke in an alarming rate while summoning his sword and slices through Sekke's spell. Unable to retaliate to the sudden attack, Sekke receives Asta's attack, which renders him unconscious.[3]

While Sekke is left lying on the ground, Asta reveals his plan for joining the Magic Knights, which contradicts Sekke's own. Unfortunately, Sekke has already been defeated and is unable to hear or retaliate to Asta's comments.[4]


The spectators begin to question Asta's declaration, to which Asta angrily asks them to keep it to themselves.[5] At the end of the exam, after Asta and Sekke are accepted by a squad, Sekke tries to sneak an attack while Asta is using the toilet. Fortunately, before Sekke can exact his revenge, Yuno interferes and intimidates Sekke. Sensing a hostile feeling out of Yuno, Sekke quickly leaves, asking Yuno to give Asta his regards.[6]


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