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Asta vs. Revchi Salik is a fight, which occurs in the aftermath of the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.


Revchi binds Yuno

Yuno being immobilized.

After Yuno receives the four-leaf grimoire at the acceptance ceremony, Revchi Salik, who was among the attendees, plots to snatch it from him.[1] At dusk, Yuno is ambushed with chains that bind him down while standing in front of the venue.[2]

Revchi appears in front of him as he catches Yuno's grimoire and reveals his plan on selling the grimoire at the black market. At the same time, Asta witnesses the whole scene from afar at the top of a tree.[3]


Seeing Yuno is in trouble, Asta quickly rushes toward him. Realizing that the boy is the one who failed to receive a grimoire, Revchi gives Asta condescending comments. Asta tries to reason with Revchi, but fails to convince him. Thus, he dashes toward him, but the boy is quickly taken down by Revchi's Dance of the Pitless Viper. As Asta is settled against the wall, Revchi starts throwing comments to reduce Asta's fighting spirit, which begins to affect the latter until Yuno interrupts him. Yuno completely denies everything that Revchi has said and confirms the rivalry he has with Asta.[4]

Asta received his grimoire

The grimoire appears.

Yuno's confession encourages Asta and brings back his will to fight. Suddenly, a grimoire, which is tattered and covered with dirt, appears in front of Asta from a hole in the tower wall. The grimoire summons a sword in front of him, after which Revchi realizes that the grimoire possesses a five-leaf clover on its cover. Revchi immediately launches an attack, knowing the potential danger that the grimoire possesses, but Asta takes a hold of the sword and swings it against Revchi's chains and negates them. Subsequently, he delivers a wide slash at Revchi's torso and sends him flying against the wall. Revchi loses consciousness, due to the attack he received.[5]


Asta pampers his new grimoire as Yuno approaches him after Revchi's spell has vanished. As Yuno promises to pay his debt to him someday, he asks whether Asta remembers the promise they made at one point during their childhood. Asta confirms that he remembers as they bump their fists while reciting their promise to become the next Wizard King.[6]


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