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Asta vs. Liebe is a fight that occurs as part of the Devil-Binding Ritual.


Liebe is summoned from Asta

Nacht summons Liebe.

Nacht Faust takes Asta to the abandoned house of a former noble, leads him to a small room, and then pulls them both into a secret chamber. Nacht steps up onto the circular dais and explains how the Devil-Binding Ritual works. When Asta steps into the circle, Nacht summons Liebe out of Asta's grimoire. Asta's right arm disappears, and the devil begins taking physical form. Nacht then informs Asta that he must fight and defeat the devil.[1]


Asta does not wish to fight and instead thanks the devil for his help during Asta's previous battles. Liebe points out that he took Asta's arm, but Asta brushes it off as part of their bargain. Liebe says that he will kill Asta and summons the Demon-Slayer Sword from the grimoire. Liebe then coats the sword in Anti Magic, enlarges the blade, swings it down next to Asta, and then smacks Asta with the flat of the blade.

Asta still refuses to fight, so Nacht informs him that if he loses, the devil will take his body and transform him into a monster, which Nacht will have to kill. Nacht dismisses Asta's concerns since they only have two days to improve Asta's abilities. Liebe interrupts their conversation and swings the sword at Asta's head. Asta ducks and the sword smashes into a pillar. Nacht tells Asta that the devil will kill him, which Asta refutes, saying that the devil's ki has no killing intent. When Nacht comments that devils cannot have good hearts, Liebe agrees that all devils are scumbags. Sensing that Liebe is different from Zagred, Asta disagrees that being a devil means being evil. Asta's words and appearance remind Liebe of Richita.[2]

Asta imitates Yami

Asta imitates Yami's swordsmanship to overwhelm Liebe.

The memories of his torturous time in the underworld, his happy life with Richita, and the sudden interruption by Lucifero infuriate Liebe, who declares that he will steal Asta's body and kill every devil.[3] Sensing the hatred and sadness in the devil's ki, Asta pledges to accept those feelings and defeat the devil in a fight. Liebe considers it a joke and throws the sword at Asta, who dodges to the side and then punches the devil's face. Liebe summons the other swords from the grimoire, but Asta grabs Yami Sukehiro's katana and wields it to fend off the other swords that come flying at him. Liebe recollects how his malice grew while in the grimoire and he developed Anti Magic. Meanwhile, Asta recalls the fights he has had against and alongside other swordsmen, and copies their movements in order to close the distance with the devil. Asta easily overwhelms the devil in close-quarters combat, striking the devil multiple times and knocking the Demon-Dweller Sword from his hand. Asta follows up with a thrust that strikes the devil's forehead.[4]

Liebe falls backward, and Asta stands over him and declares victory. A collar appears around Liebe's neck, and four chains pull him up onto his hands and knees before Asta.[5]


Asta and Liebe shake hands

Asta and Liebe forge a contract of equals.

Nacht congratulates Asta for winning and informs him that he can make any contract that he desires and can totally subjugate the devil. Asta requests that the devil become his friend. Both Liebe and Nacht are confused, and Asta explains that he has been able to fight because of the devil's power and wishes to learn more about the devil. Despite Nacht's warning about the devil possibly turning on him, Asta points out that he could sense the devil's character through ki. The collar and chains disappear as Asta reaffirms his desire to make a contract of equals. Asta holds out his hand and asks for the devil's name. Liebe reflects that Asta is truly Richita's son and introduces himself, shaking Asta's hand. Matching markings then appear on their left wrists, and Asta's right arm returns.[6]

Stepping into the circle again, Nacht smiles and tells Asta that the contract is unprecedented and foolish but correct. He then merges with Gimodelo and challenges Asta and Liebe as a continuation of their training.[7]


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