Asta vs. Radols is a fight that occurs within the Witches' Forest.


Fanzel thinks about how he has to go check up on Radols, when both he and Asta notice a presence. Fanzel tells everyone to get down, which Radols fires a spell at everyone.[1] Radols walks over and comments about how it took so long to absorb that mana after he had released all his mana at once. Radols then notices Mars and asks why everyone uses her bodies to protect others. Radols fires a blast at Mars, but Asta shows up and counters the blast. Radols tells Asta that this has nothing to do with him and to get lost, but Asta replies that this has everything to do with him since Mars is his friend.[2] Fana says that she can't cast her healing spell, which Asta tells her to sit tight while he flattens Radols.


Asta charges at Radols, which Radols tells Asta to stop and also tells Asta that they should team up. Radols also says that they should both rise up in the ranks of the Diamond Kingdom, which Radols plans to double-cross Asta, but Asta replies that he will pass because he is going to become the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom.[3] Radols then jumps onto a branch and uses it to fly in the air. Radols fires blasts at Asta, but Asta easily counters the blasts. Radols tells Asta that he knows all about his fighting style and without Finral, Asta can't do anything.

Radols continues to fire more blasts, which Asta decides to reflect some over the blasts back. Radols absorbs the reflected blasts and says that reflecting them back is useless.[4] Radols also tells Asta to give up, which Asta replies that he will forgive Radols for hurting his friends. Radols says that their is not such things as friends, because their are only those who use people and those that gets used. Radols also says that he plans to use both Mars and Fana to further his own position in life, and will also use Asta as a stepping stone.

Asta throws his sword into Radols, and Radols starts to lose his mana.[5] Radols notices that he can't pull the sword out, and falls to the ground. Radols starts to panic about how everything is falling apart, which he tells Asta to stay away from him. Asta tells Radols that he did not get where he is on his own, and also says that his friends are here to help each other rise. Radols tells Asta that he is wrong and to pull the sword out, which Asta says that he won't since Radols might attacks his friends once he pulls the sword out.[6] Radols then says that he could die, but Asta tells him that he didn't hit any of Radols vitals. Asta then tries to knock Radols out, but Radols quickly escapes and uses reinforcement magic to pull the sword out.

Radols quickly grabs Fana and tells her to bring out her powerful magic. Fana says that she doesn't know Radols is talking about, which Radols attacks Mars and threatens to kill him. Fana tells Radols to stop, which Salamander appears and attacks Radols. Radols absorbs Salamander and comments about how this mana is high quality.[7] Asta charges at Radols, but Radols easily pierces Asta shoulder from a distance. Radols comments about how he will be able to make the kingdom his with power, when Asta suddenly stand back up. Radols fires a blast Asta, which Radols decides to continue to firing blast from afar until Asta's body is blasted to pieces. Asta looks back up, while a black mass surrounds Asta's arm and withers the grass around him.

Asta stands back up, with the black mass having surrounded his arm and created a horn along with a wing.[8] Radols wonders about this feeling he is having and tells Asta to get out of his sight while firing a blasts. Asta charges through the blast while also easily cutting through it. Radols comments about how his power us supposed to be unstoppable and jump into the air to avoid Asta while also continuing to attack. Asta changes direction and head towards Radols. Radols asks why after everything he had done to get to the top, which Asta says that its because he has others to rise alongside with and to make him stronger. Asta attacks Radols and defeats him with a new attack.[9]


Radols is lying on the ground in a withered state, and thinks about how all the magic power within his body has disappeared.[10] Asta walks over, which Radols tells Asta to just kill him. Asta tells Radols that he is not going to kill Radols, becuase Radols is going to help them with the injures and that Radols is also going to apologize for everything he has done. Radols starts to laugh and says that he really can't win against Asta. Asta asks what is wrong with Radols, which Radols replies that his head has cleared up since the magic stone on his head was destroyed.[11] Radols then thinks that since their is someone like Asta climbing to the top, maybe he will be able to rise to the top with Asta.


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