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Asta vs. Kiato is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Asta has just defeated some Monster Toys and wonders what they are, when he suddenly notices someone.[1] The opponent the Asta had sensed had just defeated some monster toys and wonders why the high priest had sent some monster after him. The guy also wonders if the monsters were sent to make it all fair and that it does not matter as it served as a good warm up. The guy then notices Asta and tells him that he knows that Asta uses Anti Magic, but that its does not matter and starts to dance.

The guy then introduces himself as Kiato and that his dream is to become a dancer that everyone wants to see.[2] Kiato also reveals that the High Priest is his grandfather and that if he wins the fight then he will be allowed to enter the kingdom. Kiato then says that he will take Asta down for that sake of his dream.


The fight begins when Kiato attacks with his sword which Asta blocks with his sword. Asta tells Kiato his dream to become the Wizard King and attacks Kiato saying that he will take Kiato down for the sake of his dream.[3] Kiato's mask comes off and he says that they will fight it out for the sake of their dream. Asta and Kiato then charge at each other. Asta and Kiato continue to clash, which Asta notices that it is hard to read Kiato's moves.[4] Kiato tells Asta that also long as magic is not involved then his Anti-magic is useless and Asta cannot keep up with his move if he uses his magic. Kiato continues his assault, which Asta thinks about how he cannot win with brute force and figures out what to do. Asta then tries to mirror Kiato movements.[5] Kiato says that that is not going to work, which Asta says that he is going to recreate Kiato's magic with his muscles. Kiato says that Asta will not be able to do it and attack, which Asta dodges by mirroring Kiato's moves. Asta then attacks, which Kiato wonders what Asta is capable of.[6]


The High Priest interrupts everything when another group enters the game. The priest tells everyone that the rules have changes and explains how to win the game.[7] Asta figures out who his here, and says that he is scared but that there is merit in fighting. Kiato tells Asta that they should postpone their fight, which Asta agrees and they head out.[8]


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