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Asta vs. Gauche Adlai is a fight that occurs at Rebecca's home in Nairn.


When Gauche Adlai goes to visit his sister Marie in Nairn, he finds her playing with Asta and Rebecca Scarlet's siblings. Gauche threatens Asta, but Marie tells him to stop since she wants to marry Asta, which angers Gauche even more.[1] Sister Theresa then takes Marie back to the church for the night, leaving Gauche distraught at not spending much time with his sister. Because it is so late, Rebecca invites the two Black Bulls to stay at her house.[2]


The fight begins when Gauche sneaks up on a sleeping Asta and attacks with Reflect Ray. Asta manages to avoid the spell barely and accidentally by turning over and getting grazed on the forehead. Asta wakes up and notices Gauche and asks why he is attacking, to which Gauche responds by saying that he is going to kill Asta so that he will not be able to marry Marie. Gauche continues to attack, but Asta takes out his Demon-Dweller Sword, blocks the attacks, and tells Gauche that he is a coward for attacking him while he was asleep. Gauche says that it does not matter as long as Asta is dead and then creates a double of himself. Asta is surprised that Gauche was able to create two of himself and wonders what Gauche's magic is capable of. Gauche says that Asta's crime is meeting his sister and continues to attacks. Asta continues to defend against the attacks but is blasted out of the house.[3]


Once Asta hits the ground, he notices that there is snow and wonders when this happened. Gauche does not care and still attacks Asta. Rebecca rushes out and asks what they are doing, and Asta apologizes for the mess. Rebecca replies that it does not matter and that her siblings are missing.[4]


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